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The Departement of French Literature and Civilizations offers, among other things, degree of French Literature and History.


Study French Literature in Lyon

The degree of French Literature provides multidisciplinary education, combining Literature and 5 minor courses:

In this degree you will learn to study texts, French language and humanities. You will acquire knowledge in French literature, from the Middle Ages to modern era and understanding of French language mechanisms and structures.

Study History in Lyon

The degree of History opens up a large and transdisciplinary filed of study. It covers the four historical periods (ancient history, medieval history, modern history and contemporary history). You will study political, ideological, social and economic issues, as well as Internationals relations history.

This degree offers 2 minor courses:

  • Political Science - Geopolitics
    • To study Internationals Relations, global conflicts, diplomacy and politic
    • To progress, from a generalist approach to specifics and specialized teaching
  • Political Science - Geography
    • To study regions and global spaces
    • To master territorial systems and heritage enhancement

You can choose any courses you want in the program
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Courses per semester

Courses per semester

Languages requirements

English B2 recommended for English courses.

French C1 recommended for French courses.

Please note that incoming students have the possibility to enroll in a French language program before or after their exchange semester. The French Program is led by UCLy’s French Language and Culture Institute (ILCF) and is available to all learning regardless of their current level of French.

It incurs a fee, however discounted for partner’s universities students.

Why choose Lyon?

Because it is simply the best place to discover the French culture, the French architecture and obviously the French gastronomy!

UCLy welcomes students from different countries every year, promoting intercultural exchange.

Studying at the Faculty of Literature and Civilizations is to benefit from:

  • Few students and personalized follow-up
  • Quality education approaching differents aspects of literature and French language, and an openness to other aesthetics fields
  • Great cultural offer

Exchange students or free movers, the Faculty of Literature and Civilizations will be thrilled to welcome you. As a Free mover you can join a full year academic program with the minor course of your choice. As an exchange student you can choose a personalised program depending on your study objectives and credits number required by your home university.

You want to study in Lyon? Consult our pages dedicated to international students.


Paule Boissard
Head of international mobility

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