Bank account

Opening a bank account in France is not mandatory but will facilitate your daily life.
Thus, you will be able to pay your rent, bills and subscriptions, receive your salaries and refunds of your medical expenses.
If you don't have a european bank account (€ zone), this account will also be mandatory to apply for the housing benefit from the CAF.

Which bank to choose?

We advise you to compare the offers of the different banks and to choose the one matching your needs. Indeed, the costs related to various operations (international transfers, money withdrawals abroad, use of a credit card...) can vary from one organization to another. In addition, most banks offer attractive rates for French and international students.

Ask for information from UCLy's banking partners:
Crédit Agricole Centre Est
Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes

Banque Populaire Loire et Lyonnais

Offers for French and international students from UCLy

What documents are requested?

  • A proof of identity
    • European students: ID card
    • Non-European students: passport and visa + visa validation or residence card
  • A proof of residence
    • CROUS residences: proof of residence (Attestation de résidence) and lease contract
    • Non-CROUS residences / private accommodation: last rent receipt or last water/electricity/gas bill or home insurance
    • You are staying with a private individual (family, friend etc.): dated and signed certificate of accomodation from your host + his/her ID card + his/her last electricity bill
  • A school certificate at the UCLy

Once your account is opened, you will have bank account details (RIB/IBAN) which will be asked when you register for the French health insurance or when you apply for the housing benefit from the CAF.

Don't forget to close your bank account before leaving France.

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