Student life and associations: a place of fulfilment, empowerment and engagement

There are many ways to take part in student associations. At UCLy, students have the option to get involved with their BDEs (Bureau des Étudiants), whose main goal is to bring together students from a certain school/faculty and organise events for them, or with UCLy’s cultural, sporting or voluntary cross-disciplinary associations.

Since student life is about so much more than just attending classes, UCLy makes the quality of life of students on its three city-centre campuses a priority, to make their studies as easy and happy a time as possible.
Student life and student associations are hugely important to students’ experiences and contribute to their academic success. They help them to settle in to the university community and give them valuable new experiences and skills that they can put to use in their future career.


UCLy students’ webradio in partnership with RCF. Since 2015, UCLy students have had the chance to record their shows in the studios of RCF Lyon. The Unisphère web radio now brings together around twenty members, partners with UCLy and RCF Lyon.

Find all these programs in podcast on the smartphone application as well as on :

L'Apostrophe: UCLy students' journal

Created by students of The Faculty of Modern Languages and literature in 2017 at the Campus Carnot premises, the association has since opened up to the entire university. The Apostrophe allows students from all the schools of the university to share their passions for writing, art, culture, and many other fields…

New editors are always welcome! Whatever your project, the team will be happy to discuss it with you!

The Student Office of the Psychology Department

The Student Office at the Department of Psychology aims to facilitate and organise the department's student life. Different projects are carried out during the school year: integration events, sponsor gatherings, buffets, “inter-Student Office” events, afterworks, etc.

Their main mission is above all a good adaptation to the university environment as well as support throughout their studies.

The Pleaders of UCLy

This is a student association intended to organise public speaking contests within the Catholic University of Lyon. This competition is open to all students of the university. It is made up of three tests which take place over three weeks. Participating in this competition only bring benefits to students, allowing them to develop many skills, including public speaking.

The Student Office of the Law Faculty

The Student Office of the Law Faculty has the mission to organise the student life of their Faculty. How ?By organizing different events around Lyon, to find partnerships for the benefit of students and create student cohesion within the Faculty.

Several events are organised: afterworks, evenings, outings, weekends and in particular an induction weekend (WEI) in September for newcomers in the first year.

La Fédé

The main mission of this student associations at UCLy is to create unity between the various Student Offices and associations belonging to UCLy and to facilitate student daily life by offering numerous services

Two flagship projects:

  • The inter-school challenge, a festive and creative "challenge" organised once a year and bringing together all the schools / faculties / institutes of UCLy.
  • The UCLy ball organised every two years. An exceptional evening where students and university staff meet in one place, on the Saint-Paul campus, and can enjoy different musical atmospheres.

The Student Office of Sciences

What is the role of the Sciences Student Office ? It is to organize extra-curricular activities and manage the reception of new students. Each year, the Student Office organises numerous evenings, afterwork and other activities to liven up the student life of UCLy scientists. For new students, a back-to-school aperitif as well as a weekend of integration is organised at the end of September, at the beginning of October to facilitate their arrival and the exchanges between them.

The Student Office of ESTRI

The Student Office organises several student evenings throughout the year, some of which are in collaboration with the other Student Offices of UCLy. Each year in September, the Student Office also organises an induction weekend in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region to facilitate exchanges between existing students and newcomers to the school.

The Student Office of ILCF

The Student Office of ILCF has in particular the task of:
- Organising outings, events, trips, international meals, evenings
- Creating a link with the different Student Offices at UCLy and at the Fédécatho
- Ensuring permanence for welcome, inform and help students
- Create links and organise events to connect international students of the ILCF and French students.

The Student Office of the Department of French Literature and civilizations

The role of the Student Office Scriptoria consists in proposing activities to students for them to meet in a setting outside the school. Cultural events are offered: festive evenings, charities, etc.

The Student Office also offers good deals to students and gives them advice and help during interim examinations.

The Council of Students of the Faculty of Theology

Every year, lay people, seminarians, and religious are elected from among the students of the faculty of theology to form the Council of Students. Their role is notably to participate in the life of the faculty by taking part in meetings and commissions. Throughout the year, and to mark the highlights, the Student Council organises picnic meals at the atrium where students and teachers meet in a friendly atmosphere.

The New Locals

This association wants to mobilise UCLy students by bringing new ideas to be implemented in order to face the environmental crisis. The reflection is organised and structured around four main areas of work: Energy, Consumption, Debates and Waste.

Their projects:

  • The IMPACT conference, which aims to make the public think and interact on a given theme.
  • Fresh n'fast, organic, local, seasonal and zero-waste restoration project present every Thursday at Campus Saint-Paul.

Scientists in Solidarity

Scientists in Solidarity is a student association of UCLy. Madagascar is the 4th poorest country in the world. Thus, our goal is to help its development through various projects adapted to local needs. This is done by supporting the Malagasy people until they acquire the necessary skills and equipment. The lines of work focus on health, education and the environment.

So, which student associations at UCLy will you join ?