Education, People and Support

Research group #4

Manager: Professor Brigitte BLANQUET

Permanent members:
Professor Céline BORG, Dr Christine BOUVIER-MÜH, Dr Catherine DENIS, Dr Laurent DENIZEAU, Dr Olivier GEORGEON, Dr Mathieu GUILLERMIN, Dr Chiara PESARESI, Dr Christine PLASSE-BOUTEYRE, Professor Patrick-Ange RAOULT, Dr Valérie SOUBRE, Dr Anne-Charlotte TAUTY, Dr Stessy TÉTARD, Dr Fabrice TOULIEUX, Dr Célia VAZ CERNIGLIA

Temporary members: Yan Plantier, Dr. Juan VIDAL (UCLy)

Disciplines involved: Philosophy, Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychopathology, Psychoanalysis, Neuropsychology, Developmental Psychology, Law, Sociology, IT, Epistemology and History
of Science

Topic and goals

This group is aimed at bringing together researchers in Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Law in order to connect all of these disciplinary approaches as closely as possible to issues linked to education, people and support.
This group’s interdisciplinarity is a valuable asset for conducting research around situations of vulnerability encountered by young children, adolescents, adults and elderly people with the goal of understanding the issues at play, taking into account the specific situation of their environment, whether it is a family home, school or social care, educational and/or healthcare establishment.

Flagship project for 2020-2025

‘The body as a signifier: a place and expression of vulnerability‘

With this subject, the researchers are aiming to develop multidisciplinary research that contributes to our understanding of the complexity of the factors that weigh on the body in contemporary situations where a person is vulnerable within their environment.

There are three goals:

To defend the usefulness of the research with the support of the fieldwork practices the observations come from.
To engage in projects where body language, acting out, the sensorimotor channel and everything related to the body will be largely hypercathected.
To understand the negative effects on the body/psyche/social aspect combination, as well as on the support measures for the vulnerable person.

Three research projects have been undertaken in connection with these goals:

  1. The issues for the body/psyche/social aspect combination during a pandemic,
  2. The relationship with the body in situations of pain and/or suffering,
  3. The weight of the body during adolescence, especially in situations of risk-taking behaviour.