Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences

This faculty is composed of a faculty of law, a UNESCO Chair and three institutes (IDHL, ISF, CIEDEL).

Faculty of Law

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The Faculty of Law aims to train quality jurists (lawyers, notaries, magistrates, and company lawyers) but also critical thinkers, who will be active in the development of our society. The objective is to develop the theoretical, technical, and methodological skills of our students, but also to orient them towards human training, international openness, and the understanding of developments, particularly technological developments.

The UNESCO Chair "Memory, Cultures and Interculturality"

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Created in 2007, its main objective is to engage in in-depth reflection on the challenges of interculturality and in particular on the place and evolution of societies in the era of globalisation. It is a centre of training, research, information, documentation, and exchange within an international network, which promotes connections between cultures.


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Created in 1974 by jurist Emma Gounot, the Family Sciences’ Institute (Institut des Sciences de la Famille) is the unique Frenh Institute in the field of Familly Sciences within a multidisciplinary perspective. Proposing both training and Research, the Familly Sciences’ Institute also hold many symposiums, thematic training sessions in and outdoors as well as professional and academic training. Since 1995, ISF is collaborating with other academic family institutes around the world.

IDHL, Institut des Droits de l'Homme de Lyon

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Founded in Lyon in 1985, the Lyon Institute of Human Rights is a university institute of higher education that provides technical and specialised training in the field of human rights. One of the characteristics of IDHL is its intercultural dimension. The Institute welcomes students from France and all over the world.

CIEDEL - International Centre for Local Development Studies

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CIEDEL is a university institute for training and the support of professions engaged in local development and committed to social change. Its aim is to enable its students to understand, influence, implement, and lead development dynamics and policies. To achieve this, CIEDEL offers concrete training courses in intercultural situations which enhance the students' experiences.