Doctoral College

Doctoral study cycles

The UCLy doctoral college is headed by Michel YOUNÈS, also Deputy Director of the CONFLUENCE Sciences and Humanities Research Center (EA1598). It brings together all the doctoral students of the Catholic University of Lyon, from all faculties, to discuss an annual issue.

From January to June, five half-day seminars are run in turn by one or more researchers from a faculty cluster who tackle the chosen theme from the angle of their discipline.

Words of the Director, Michel Younès

“Within the structure of its research, UCLy takes on students enrolled on the courses within its Doctoral College as temporary members. Every year, the Doctoral College programme gives a full list of all classes and pedagogical tools available to doctoral students and the Doctoral College ensures that procedures are harmonised to offer a consistent academic standard, taking differences between departments into account.”

Objectives of the doctoral college

  • To offer, in a transversal way, a research experience to postgraduate students.
  • To welcome external researchers within the framework of seminars: teacher-researchers and students from different disciplines compare their methodologies on a given topic.
  • To constitute, at the University level, a sufficient "critical mass" of research (human resources) to enter into research networks.

This college integrates all the faculties of the University and interdisciplinary work, with the possibility of the work carried out being published in the Revue de l'Université Catholique de Lyon.

Degree courses

There are currently two centres for doctoral studies authorised to issue canonical doctorates, in close collaboration with the two ecclesiastical departments of Theology and Philosophy. It is possible to study for these doctorates partly at another university, either in France or abroad (joint supervision, cotutelle arrangements). The canonical doctorate status is recognised in accordance with the agreement between the French Republic and the Holy See on the recognition of higher education degrees.

The degree courses are made up of different types of learning and are mostly run by the centres for doctoral studies within the two ecclesiastical departments, which are responsible for the pedagogical and administrative support of doctoral students.

Methodology Week: a special feature of the
Doctoral College

As well as the modules provided by the centres for doctoral studies, there is a Methodology Week run by the
College every year, open to all doctoral students to give them the tools they need for their thesis: defining the
research question, use of documentary research tools, information on the risks of plagiarism, writing a thesis,
publishing and promoting the research, etc. This week is a key part of the degree, dedicated to helping students
better report on their work and be better prepared for their future careers. Workshops adapted to the students’
stages of progress on their theses provide valuable time to interact with peers.

Events programme

Cross-disciplinary seminars, lectures, conferences and colloquiums throughout the year are selected by the Doctoral College for its events programme. These events can be supplemented with other national and international possibilities depending on the research projects of individual students. A portfolio of the experience
and skills gained through the doctoral programme will enable students to capitalise on the different events they
take part in during the degree.

The Thesis Prize

Every year, the Doctoral College awards a prize of €3,000 for a thesis defended during the previous academic year. This ‘Doctoral College’s Thesis of the Year’ prize honours one thesis in its disciplines, following assessment by a panel of judges.

Thesis prize 2022

The secon thesis prize was awarded to the doctoral student Riccardo REZZESI who defended, under the direction of Emmanuel Gabellieri and Massimiliano Marianelli, his thesis in philosophy on "Philosophy "in action" and the humanities. The Lyon School of Social Catholicism: From Joseph Vialatoux to Jean Lacroix and François Perroux".

A few numbers

22 theses defended between 2016 and 2021
48 thesis published since 1991
64 doctoral students enrolled at UCLy in January 2021 : 33 in Theology and 31 in Philosophy


Executive Assistant - Doctoral College
Campus Saint Paul 10, place des archives 69002 LYON

Research support team

Its mission is to promote the research activities of the Confluence: Sciences and Humanities Research Center (EA 1598), and to report to the Research Vice-Rectorate, which is responsible for coordinating all research-related issues at UCLy.