Student with disabilities

Encourage the success of all for an inclusive university

Since 2005, UCLy has been implementing a “Mission Handicap” that centralises the requests of UCLy students with disabilities, hence facilitating the communication with their School/Faculty/Institute. The support given by the “Mission Handicap” is personalised and adapted and it evolves according to your profile, your curriculum and your project. 

Your arrival at the university

All along your studies, your School/Faculty/Institute and the “Mission Handicap” will support you and will ensure you the best conditions for your learning progress. The “Mission Handicap” is dedicated to:

  • Students who have already had aids and exam accommodations during their studies
  • Students who have not requested specific accommodations for their Baccalaureate but who have difficulties which prevent them from succeeding in their studies (for example cognitive, physical or attention problems)
  • Students who suffer from a temporary disability during the academic year (fracture, hand immobilization, etc.) and who need particular assistance for a specific period of time

A device to facilitate your studies

In higher education, compensations are not systematics. It is a voluntary process from your part to obtain them. Each year, your request will be individually examined during an interview.

What arrangements?

Study and/or examination facilities and/or all types of assistance will be offered according to your situation. They evolve according to your curriculum. They are validated by the preventive medicine doctor authorized by the CDAPH.


Carnot and Saint-Paul campuses are accessible to people with reduced mobility: lecture halls, TD rooms, computer rooms; cafeteria; university libraries, secretariats, toilets. All the teaching spaces and conviviality areas are grouped in the same area. Carnot and Saint-Paul campuses are placed in the same geographical area.

UCLy specificities

  • Confidentiality and discretion with an interview outside your School/Faculty/Institute
  • A personalised follow-up based on a trust relationship
  • Support based on your needs
  • The “Mission Handicap”: your relay to your School/Faculty/Institute

Mission Handicap

04 72 32 51 72