Temporary members & PhD students

The temporary members of the CONFLUENCE Sciences & Humanities Research Center (EA1598) are either experts specifically involved in a research project and are elected by the Scientific Council, either PhD students working on their thesis within UCLy.

Direct links to temporary members profiles : Georges VASILAKIS, Laurence TERZAN, Yan PLANTIER, Federico GARCIA-BERNA, Noëlle FAVET, Sarah CLIFFT

Jérémie SUPIOT

Temporary member of the project NHNAI - New Humanism at the time of Neurosciences and Artificial Intelligence

Jérémie Supiot is a doctoral student in philosophy at the Catholic University of Lyon and at the LUMSA University in Rome. He holds a Master's degree in Philosophy with a specialization in Ethics, Ecology and Sustainable Development from the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3. His thesis focuses on ethical empowerment at the interface between society and the university. She is directed by Mathieu Guillermin (Catholic University of Lyon) and Stefano Biancu (LUMSA, ROME), and is part of activity 4 of the NHNAI project. His research topics are mainly epistemology and ethics applied to science and technology, especially engineering sciences. He co-organizes the ETIUS seminars at the Université Catholique de Lyon. He is also a member of the EPSI research group, which organizes the Cultures of Engineers and Training seminar.


Temporary member of the Research group #2 - Bible and Ancient Literatures and Cultures

Father Georges Vasilakis is a lecturer in Semiotics and Introduction to Biblical Greek at UCLy. He holds Licences in Management, Orthodox Theology and General Theology. He has completed a Master I in Patristic Studies and a Master II in Biblical Exegesis and Semiotics. Doctoral student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, he is preparing a thesis entitled 'Semiotic Analysis of the Prologues of the Pauline Epistles. The Hermeneutics of Semiotics'. For the past 7 years, he has organised the seminar 'Semiotics and the Bible'. He co-organised the international conference 'Semiotics and Spirituality: Meaning of Transcendence' and presented the article 'Dire l'indicible: le pouvoir des signes dans la Bible' (Québec '21).

Laurence TERZAN

Temporary member of the Research group #5 - Integral Human Development, Ecology and Ethics

Emergency doctor at the Centre hospitalier des Vals d'Ardèche, in Privas and doctoral student. After a career that took her from the management of the Mother and Child Protection Centers in French Guiana to the coordination of a project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the French Embassy in Surinam, then to the WHO, she resumed her studies in philosophy in 2017.

She is currently preparing a PhD in philosophy and biology at the École Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE) in Paris ('Symbiosis and the living'), in collaboration with the SOCA research platform in Lyon and INRA.


Temporary member of the Research group #4 - Education, People and Support

Professor of Philosophy, lecturer at the UCLy (ethics and philosophy of education), he also worked for ten years in prisons.


Temporary member of the Research group #8 - Sustainable business and organizations

Trilingual marketing professional who has been working for more than 10 years in the field, in marketing agencies, companies and as a consultant. He is currently preparing a PhD on self-monitoring practices and consumer cultures at the IAE of Poitiers.

He is a teacher at the Marketing & Digital Business Pole at the ESDES Business school of UCLy.

Within the Rsearch group #8, he participates in the activities of the axis "Consumer and market perspectives."

Noëlle FAVET

Temporary member of the Research group #5 - Integral Human Development, Ecology and Ethics

Ignatian Sister, Doctor in molecular biology. Responsible for training in spiritual life and discernment.


Temporary member of the Research group #8 - Sustainable business and organizations

Sarah Clifft is a lecturer in Marketing and Digital Business at ESDES Lyon Business School. She holds a Master's degree in French Studies from Lancaster University and a PhD from Cardiff School of Management. Her thesis is about 'Preparing for the Uber Economy in B2B - the digital transformation of SMEs in the industrial sector in France'.

Her research interests are in the areas of digital marketing in B2B and educational innovation. She participated in the EIRASS conference (Vancouver) in June 2017 where she presented her paper about 'The digital transformation of pedagogy'.