Financing Your Stay in France

What’s Your Budget?

French law requires foreign students to have sufficient means of subsistence in France to pursue their studies without working:

  • 660€ per month for 10 months in Bachelor or Master 1 degree courses
  • 790€ per month for 10 months in Master 2 courses and above

In practice, it takes an average of 800 euros per month to live in Lyon (housing, transport, health expenses, food, etc.), in addition to travel and installation expenses.

To ensure that you live properly in France and can study in the best conditions, think about drawing up a provisional budget of expenses!

Working in France

You can also find a job to finance your stay.

The CROUS provides student job offers on its website.

Grants: How to Benefit From a financial aid?

To help you finance your studies, you can apply for grants in your home country or in France. Don't hesitate to visit Campus Bourses, Campus France's scholarship directory which provides information on the scholarships offered to foreign students. The tool lists all of the assistance provided by the States (French and foreign), regional authorities, companies, foundations and institutes of higher education.

Scholarships from French Embassies Abroad

Every year, the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) awards scholarships to certain foreign students for studies, training courses and language courses in France. The majority of scholarships are awarded by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Departments (SCACs) in French embassies and consulates general abroad.

• Scholarship - as part of registration in a French institution of higher education with the aim of obtaining a diploma
• Internship grant -awarded for an average duration of three to twelve months
• High-level scientific residence grant (research programme, cultural and scientific exchange, etc.) - awarded for a period of one to three months

To find out the eligibility criteria and to submit an application, please contact the Service de Coopération et d'Action Culturelle of the French Embassy or Consulate General in your country.

Scholarships offered by your home country

Many countries provide scholarships to students wishing to study abroad, either through public or private programs. Find out more with yout current higher institution of enrolment, your closest "Espace Campus France", your local, regional authorities...

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program enables foreign students with outstanding academic achievements to fund their stay in France while enrolled in a Master’s or PhD program in selected fields, among which :

Science and technology studies:
  • Biology and health sciences
Sciences humaines et sociales:
  • Law and political sciences
  • Management

At UCLy, the following programs are eligible :


Contact :



Contact :


Programme Grande École – Bac +5  - Several specializations :

Contact :

Campus France, in charge of the program, will receive applications directly from UCLy. Any application sent by a student will be discarded by Campus France.  


The student applies first and foremost for a study program and must check which UCLy programs are eligible; any application which will not fit the eligibility criteria will be discarded.  

1 - Applying for a program at UCLy

The candidate officially applies for the selected program. See the specific procedure for each program on their dedicated webpage.

2 - Applying for the Eiffel program

The candidate sends the supporting documents to the person in charge of the program for which they are applying :

  • Copy of the passport – information required : first and last names, date of birth, passport number.
  • Curriculum Vitae in French or in English, 1 or 2 pages.  
  • Professional project, preferably in French, but English accepted, 1 or 2 pages.  
  • All transcripts issued over the candidate’s studies, whether in France or abroad.
  • Language certificate or diploma if needed.
  • Eiffel Application form – to be found at the bottom of this section, which you can already start to fill whenever possible.

Without these elements, we won’t be able to assess the eligibility of the request, that is, the mandatory academic excellence criteria and the consistency of the project.  

3) After applying

The candidate is notified of the decision made by UCLy (please note that the notification period may vary according to the program). Selected candidates (i.e. acceptance in the selected program can be considered and the candidate has been identified as an excellent student based on their academic results), are nominated with the Eiffel commission directly by UCLy.

The candidate may be invited for an interview over the phone or through video call.

Please be aware that the Eiffel program is designed to help fund the daily expenses during the stay in France: it does not cover the tuition fees of the program for which the candidate applies


Deadline for submitting an application for the selected program: see the specific calendar for each program on their dedicated webpage.

Deadline for submitting the Eiffel application : December 10th, 2021

Be careful : the deadline for ESDES’ Programme Grande Ecole may differ. We invite you to get in touch with the contact in charge of the selected program to get all the necessary information.


Eiffel Application form_UCLy


The Excellence-Major Scholarship

The Excellence-Major program, established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the AEFE (Agence Française pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger), is aimed at the best (non-French) students from French high schools abroad who wish to continue their studies in France. Applications are sent by the French school abroad and then examined by a committee. Selected candidates receive a scholarship for a maximum of five years.

The amount varies according to the student's situation:

  • A 500 € scholarship (annual flat-rate contribution)
  • Rate 1:  €222 per month
  • Rate 2 : €685 per month

More information

Scholarships in Theology

French-speaking theology students who are not nationals of the European Union or North America and who wish to do a Master's or Doctorate in France can benefit from a theology study grant. Paid over a maximum period of 48 months, the monthly amount of the scholarship is 615 € for a Master 1 student and 767 € for a Master 2 or PhD student.

More information

Scholarships Based on Social Criteria

The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research grants scholarships to foreign students under the age of 28:

• Nationals of a European Economic Area (EEA) country, under certain conditions

• Those refugee or stateless person status, recognised by the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA)

• Those who have been resident in France for at least two years and whose tax home has been located in France for at least two years

To apply for a scholarship, it is necessary to register your Student Social Record (SSD) online. Depending on your situation and your resources, the amount of your aid will vary according to the level (0 to 7) that you will be allocated (up to €5,554 per year).


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