Working in France

You are a member of the EU/EEA/Switzerland:

  • You do not need a work permit

You are not a member of the EU/EEA/Switzerland (except Algeria) and you have a validated visa/a valid residence permit as “Student” or “Student – Mobility”:

  • You can work 60% of the average annual hours, means 964h/year without asking for a work permit

You are Algerian:

  • The work permit is mandatory. After agreement, you may work maximal 50% of the average annual hours of the mining sector

CAUTION: If you do not respect this limit, you put your visa/residence permit at risk to be revoke or not renew.

To find offers, you can log in on your E-Campus > Vie étudiante > Petites Annonces > Job.

You will also find here to find some offers. Caution: The UCLy has not partnership or agreement with these compagnies, that are given for indication purposes.