Health Department (Pôle Santé)

Take control of your health and take care of yourself

The aim of UCLy's Health Department (Pôle santé) - which includes the Médecine préventive (preventive medicine), the Point Écoute (psychological support) and the Mission Handicap (support of students with disabilities) - is to help UCLy's students with all matters related to physical and psychological health in order to encourage a successful studies experience.

Throughout their time at UCLy, our students have access to consultations and individual support, as well as ad-hoc large-scale preventive actions and activities around student health and well-being (smoking, sleep, alcohol, addiction, etc.).

Health services at UCLy

  • Preventive Medicine (Médecine préventive)

    A doctor and a team to take care of students


    Doctor Adèle ZAMIA offers you care, advice and information about medical subjects. Students can freely speak about vaccination, addiction, sexual health, stress, low morale or simply have a medical advice.


    For international student outside Europe staying more than 3 months, the Health Division offers a medical consultation.

    • To make an appointment with Dr ZAMIA: / professional code: Aé0540
      Dr ZAMIA is also available without appointment every Friday from 1pm to 3pm



    Saint Paul Campus – Heath Department (Pôle Santé)


    • Alicia Canova (Student Life Department): Hall C – Ground floor – Office C 027
      +33 (0)4 72 32 51 72
  • Point Ecoute - A talking space for students

    Mrs Laure MAYOUD is a clinical psychologist and helps students facing difficulties. Consultations are free and remain confidential.

    The Point Ecoute is a talking space for all UCLy’s students. Sessions are in group and offer dialogs and supports regarding your academic and personal life.

    Students can write (anonymously) at

    Other listenning service for international students

    Cultural shares

    Besides talking session, the Point Ecoute invite students to share with others interests in various subjects such as music, poesy, philosophy, science etc.


    • Laure MAYOUD (clinical psychologist): Hall C, 2nd floor, Office C 201 (waiting room: C 202)



  • Mission handicap - Support of students with disabilities

    Since 2005, UCLy has been implementing a “Mission Handicap” that centralises the requests of UCLy students with disabilities, hence facilitating the communication with their School/Faculty/Institute. The support given by the “Mission Handicap” is personalised and adapted and it evolves according to your profile, your curriculum and your project.


  • Activities with the Health Department


    Etiopathie is a therapeutic practice use to ease somatization disorders through a manual therapy without medicine. Thanks to a partnership between UCLy and the Free University of Etiopathie in Lyon, students benefit from special prices for sessions.

    Appointment: Every Mondays from 11am to 7pm at Espace Santé – Carnot Campus – Ground floor.

    Price: 10€ for students





    Blood donation

    Blood donation can save lives. Next to the St Paul Campus, students can go the Maison du Don and registered as blood donors.

    Students can also participate to punctual events organized by the Etablissement Français du Sang (EFS), such as blood donor mobile clinics.


    Alicia Canova (Student Life Department):


    Meditation sessions

    UCLy’s Health Department invites all students to take part in meditation sessions with Sophie Bouquerel, a specialist in mindfulness therapy, use to cure stress, anxiety disorders, depression.



    Sophrology sessions

    Discover sophrology and its relaxation techniques through a cycle of 5 sessions.



    Social service

    A social worker helps you find concrete solutions

    Fields of intervention:

    • Financial resources and budget
    • Health
    • Accommodation
    • Family
    • Work
    • Law and legislation


    To make an (phone) appointment with the social worker:  Mail must contained: Department/Faculty, field of study, subject and phone number.



    Social worker:
    Phone number (for emergency only !): +33 (0)4 87 91 51 75

  • Emergency and useful numbers

    You are a victim or a witness of violence/an accident ?

    Police: 17

    SAMU (medical emergency): 15

    Firefighter: 18

    Emergency in France and European Union: 112

    For hard of hearing or deafened person: 117

    Reporting violence against a child : 119 (Enfance en Danger / Child in Danger)

    Reporting violence by SMS: 117

    Reporting sexual violence or aussault by chatting:

    Reporting violence against women: 3919


    Download all phone numbers to take care of your health

    Useful numbers