Sustainable business and organisations

Research group #8

Manager: Professor LINH-CHI VO

Permanent members: Dr José ALCARAZ, Dr Nabila ARFAOUI, Dr Ioannis ASSIOURAS, Dr Sami BEN JABEUR, Dr Asma BENLTAIFA, Dr Franck BERTUCAT, Dr Sandra CHALLITA, Dr Benjamin CHAPAS, Dr Inès DHAOUADI, Dr Wissam EL HACHEM, Dr Aurélien EMINET, Dr Sandra FAGBOHOUN, Dr Chamsa FENDRI, Dr Huiyi GAO, Dr Patrick GILORMINI, Dr Eric GRIETTE, Dr Jungwoo HA, Dr Sinda HADHRI, Dr Sana KHAN, Dr Oussama LABIDI, Professor Christian LE BAS, Dr Christopher MELIN, Dr Sylvaine MERCURI CHAPUIS, Dr Hela NAMMOURI, Dr Sylvain OUATTARA, Dr Sadek OUHADOUCH, Dr Mauricio RODRIGUEZ, Dr Nathalie TESSIER, Dr Anne-Sophie THELISSON, Dr Marie-France VERNIER, Dr Christel VIVEL, Dr Sabrina ZAIDI-CHTOUROU

Fellow members: Dr Lusine ARZUMANYAN (of the company Arzumanyan), Dr Claudine GAY (Université Lyon 2), Professor Fabrice ROTH (Université Lyon 3)

Disciplines involved: Management Sciences, Economics, Education Sciences, Anthropology

Topic and goals:

This group’s research tackles the big social and management issues. In particular, it studies these issues through the lens of ERS (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability).
This research theme appears relevant first of all to the academic world, which is taking on sustainability and responsibility issues by means of conferences and journals dedicated to them. Moreover, in the world of business, companies have started to integrate these issues into their strategic management, which is translating into the publication of periodic reports on their results in terms of corporate social responsibility and the appointment of CSR managers, along with the appearance of other initiatives aiming to ensure the company is working for the common good. Finally, in the political domain, governments worldwide are coming to consider these issues as one of the fundamental cornerstones of their policies. In France, the government stated in 2018 how much of an important issue corporate social responsibility was before passing the PACTE law (2019), intended to strengthen CSR.

The group’s goal is to:
• Study and analyse CSR practices and prospects for the future both in France and internationally by means of methodological and theoretical tools that are both tried-and-tested and innovative.

• Contribute to the emergence of new, more sustainable and responsible growth models for businesses and the economy at local, national and international levels.

Flagship project for 2020-2025

It is structured around four sub-themes:

‘Social responsibility and ethical transformation of organisations’
‘Company finance and governance within a sustainable environment’
‘Economics and management of sustainable innovations’

As the research group’s work progressed, a new theme emerged : ‘Consumer and market outlook’