José Alcaraz

Associate Professor at UCLy

8. Sustainable Business and Organisations

Campus Lyon - Saint Paul
10 Place des archives 69002 Lyon

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Research areas

Corporate Sustainability Responsible Management Creative Leadership Foresight Pedagogical Innovation

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Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainable Development Social Impact of Globalization and Innovation


José M. Alcaraz wrote his PhD on the topic of "the Digitization of Human Capital Management". He has re-designed and directed several international MBA programs, and has led an industry-endowed chair (the VICINI Chair of Sustainability). In the last 15 years, his academic career has taken him from his home city of Barcelona (where he collaborated with IESE Business School/IRCO), to Shanghai (Raffles Design Institute), Dubai (University of Dubai and Leicester University), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic; Barna Management School), Perth (Australia; Murdoch University), and Munich/Berlin, before joining ESDES Lyon Business School in 2021 as an "Enseignant-Chercheur", while keeping a Research Fellowship with Munich Business School.
Intellectually, José is fascinated by questions such as the following: How can corporations address simultaneously the Sustainable Development Goals and the grand environmental challenges of our time? How can Cosmopolitanism nurture responsible leadership? How can science fiction (SciFi) provide evocative and plausible scenarios that help understand complex business, technology and socio-environmental interactions? How can educators foster deep learning, to transform knowledge, skills and emotions?
His research has appeared in scholarly journals such Organization, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Information & Organization, Business & Society, and Work, Employment and Society.
Before entering academia, José held various management positions in the software industry and also collaborated closely with The RBL Group, for their Spanish and Latin American operations (co-founded by Dave Ulrich, the firm is repeatedly ranked among the most influential in the world in the fields of Leadership and Strategic Management).
Currently, José is fascinated by the new possibilities of distance learning, remote collaboration, design thinking and, hence, he is infinitely grateful to software platforms such as Mural Visual Collaboration.
  • Chapters
    • Book chapters
      • SHANDLER, Keary, ALCARAZ, José (2019). «Storytelling for social innovation». In : Collectif (dir.), The Universal Sea: The Art and Innovation Guide Against The Plastic Epidemic. Berlin : Foundation For Entrepreneurship, 386-380.  [+]
      • ALCARAZ, José, FOTAKI, Marianna (2018). «Teaching sustainability and management critically: ‘Expectation failures’ as a powerful pedagogical tool». In : M. Brueckner, R. Spencer, M. Paull (dir.), Disciplining the Undisciplined: Perspectives on Responsible Citizenship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Springer Publishing, 225-242.  [+]
    • Chapters in proceedings of colloquiums / conferences / seminars / congresses
      • AREVALO, Jorge Alexis, ALCARAZ, José, EDWARDS, Mark, SCHANDLER, Keary (2023). «Digital Stories on [for] the Anthropocene: Transforming Student Experential Learning and Creativity». In : AOM (dir.), AOM Proceedings. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2023/1.  [+]
      • ALCARAZ, José, SHANDLER, Keary, EDWARDS, Mark G. (2021). «Digital Storytelling as a Pedagogical Tool for Global Sustainability». In : AOM (dir.), AOM Annual Meeting Proceedings 2021. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2021, 1.  [+]
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  • Articles
    • Articles in peer-reviewed journals
      • ALCARAZ, José, SHANDLER, Keary, EDWARDS, Mark G., AREVALO, Jorge (2023). «Film-Making And Management Learning As (Multimodal) Design». Academy of Management Learning & Education, In press.  [+]
      • VO, Linh Chi, LAVISSIERE, Alexandre, LAVISSIÈRE, Mary Catherine, ALCARAZ, José (2023). «Commit professional suicide or take up my pilgrim’s staff again? An examination of female managers’ resolution of shock events in developing regions». Human Relations, 77, 3, 360-397.  [+]
      • ALCARAZ, José, TIRADO, Francisco , GALVEZ , Ana (2021). «Dark Times for Cosmopolitanism? An Ethical Framework to Address Private Agri-Food Governance and Planetary Stewardship». Business Ethics - A European Review, 30, 4, 697-715.  [+]
      • GALVEZ, Ana, TIRADO, Francisco, ALCARAZ, José (2021). «Resisting Patriarchal Cultures: The Case of Female Spanish Home-Based Teleworkers». Work Employment and Society, 35(2), 369-385.  [+]
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  • Case studies
    • HOLLANDER , Rodolfo, ALCARAZ, José, ALVES, Paulo (2022). «CODEVI : Translating cross-border challenges into value creation». Emerging Markets Case Studies, 12, 4.  [+]
  • Communications (conferences, seminars, study days)
    • VO, Linh Chi, ALCARAZ, José (2023). «Work-family conflicting ideals and ‘the patriarchal triad’: Mobilizing infra-political resistance for more socially-just futures in the Global South». 13th International Critical Management Studies Conference Stream 10, ICMS, June 2023, Nottingham, United Kingdom.
    • AREVALO, Jorge, ALCARAZ, José (2022). «Towards the next 15 years: The Role for PRME in Challenging Times», Session 4 : Business Schools and Planetary Boundaries. PRME Global Forum, PRME, June 2022, NYC, United States of America.
    • ALCARAZ, José (2021). «Towards a Blueprint for “Sustainable Development Goals-within-Planetary-Boundaries” (“SDGs-within-PBs”)», Session Integration into Curriculum, Research and Partnerships. PRME Global Forum, PRME, June 2021, NYC, United States of America.
    • ALCARAZ, José, SHANDLER, Keary, EDWARDS, Mark G. (2017). «Multi-scalar issues and planetary boundaries». Resilience: Frontiers for Global Sustainability Conference, August 2017, Stockholm, Sweden.
    • ALCARAZ, José (2017). «Public understanding of the planetary boundaries. Experiences and challenges for communicators and educators». International Conference on the Practical Implications for Society, Economy and Politic : Making the Planetary Boundaries Concept Work', April 2017, Berlin, Germany.
    • ALCARAZ, José, SHANDLER, Keary, EDWARDS, Mark G. (2016). «Touching the Anthropocene: Experiential learning, documentary-film and theatre». Sixth Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature, Environment & Culture : Global Ecologies – Local Impacts, Sydney Environment Institute (SEI), November 2016, Sydney, Australia.
    • ALCARAZ, José (2015). Présidence d'une session : Cosmopolitanism: Nurturing (International) Management “Above and Beyond” Globalization. 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 2015, Vancouver, Canada.
    • KAKABADSE, Nada, NICOLOPOULOU, Katerina, ALCARAZ, José (2015). «Cosmopolitanism, innovation, and society». EURAM 15 : Uncertainty is a Great Opportunity, European Academy of Management (EURAM), June 2015, Varsovie, Poland.
  • Coordination of scientific events
    • United Nations - PRME Global Forum (Workshop Coord.), Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), 2021
  • Academic background
    • 2009 PhD in Psychology, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain
    • 2003 Master, Business administration, Human Resources Management, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain
    • 1999 Master, Business administration, Management, Strategic Management, La Salle - Ramon Llull University, Spain
    • 1996 Specialized Graduate Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences, Philosophy, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain
    • 1995 Bac +5 equivalent, Psychology, Psychology, University of Barcelona (UB), Spain
  • Languages
    • Spanish - Able to teach
    • English