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Would you like to be able to “get by” in French in professional or everyday day situations? ILCF Lyon provides courses in French as a Foreign Language

Do you intend to go to a French university? Are you studying business management or international commerce, and interested in doing an internship in a French-speaking country? Would you like to be able to "get by" in French in everyday professional situations? Or just developing your skills in French language? Courses at ILCF are for you if you are prioritising oral comprehension and expression in order to be able to express yourself fluently in all situations of everyday life: introducing yourself, asking for information, expressing opinions, discussing, winning over…

French Language and Culture Institute


Founded in 1948, the French Language and Culture Institute (ILCF Lyon) provides courses in French as a Foreign Language (FLE). It is a member-institute of UCLy's Faculty of Literature and Languages. Boasting students from over 70 countries and all 5 continents, the ILCF is situated in the heart of Lyon, the third-largest city in France.

The French language is, now more than ever, a language of the future: in 2050 French will become the third most widely-spoken language worldwide thanks to the demographic and economic vitality of the African continent in particular. The goal of ILCF Lyon is to advance the importance of French, not just as a cultural language, but as a language that is vital to employment and the economy in general, within a global context.

ILCF Lyon is 1 official examination centre too, a dozen examinations and diplomas available (eligible for CPF scheme), a wide range of specialised French courses, FLE* and UNESCO Club Quality certifications. (*French as a foreign language)

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