Testimony Lou MANDIN - student of the LL.M. in International business Law program

LL.M. in International Business Law student's

Lou Mandin speaks about the strengths of the, LL.M. in International Business Law program.

What was your background before studying this International Business Law program

I obtained a law degree in private law and an erasmus at a partner university in Ireland. In addition, I completed the Common Law Universitarian Diploma (DU) at the same institution.

These two paths already opened up a dimension of comparative and international law that I have been animated by since the beginning of my law studies.

Why did you choose this specific master?

I was looking to accentuate the international dimension of my training, so this master’s degree was and is the logical continuation of my studies and perfectly meets my expectations. Whether in terms of courses, lecturers or students, this master’s degree is marked by its openness to the world and diversity, which undeniably enriches my training.

In addition, I wanted to specialize in business law, to understand how exchanges take place in the world and in which framework. The subjects in the master’s program allow me to orient my learning within this framework.

Then, by discussing with the director of the master’s program and especially with students and former students of the program, I made my decision. Their feedback, their internships, and their career opportunities corresponded perfectly to my expectations for the future.

Finally, having my first university cycle at UCLy, I already knew the establishment and the administrative team of the master. For me, UCLy helped me to succeed in my Bachelor’s degree and the administrative team is very supportive of the students in the construction of their projects. Thus, I knew what I was getting into and who I was going to be accompanied by.

What are for you the main strengths of this diploma?

First, it's a Master 1 degree in addition to an LL.M in International Business Law well-recognized. Then, the international dimension as the framework of the program, which is reflected in the courses, the lecturers and the students.

Also, the practical orientation that comes from the program, the structure of the courses, the workshops and the lecturers. Finally, for the environment of this master's degree.

What would you say to a student who would like to apply to this Master?

I would tell him that if he is interested in this training, not to hesitate to apply. Then, especially to discuss with those in charge of the training, students and alumni. From my point of view, this is the best way to get a concrete idea and a better representation of the program in order to be able to make the best orientation decisions.

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