Testimony Elsa Dominguez - Student of the LL.M. in International Business Law program

LL.M. in International Business Law student's

Discover the strengths of the program, LL.M. in International Business Law through Elsa Dominguez student in the program

What was your background before studying this LL.M. in International Business Law?

Before joining this master's degree, I did a law degree in private law at the Catholic University of Lyon. At the same time, I completed a three-year Common Law university diploma (DU).

Finally, I had the opportunity to spend a semester in Ireland in the framework of the Erasmus program.

Why did you choose this specific master?

Since my first year of law school, my vocation was to work internationally, hence my desire to integrate this international side throughout my degree with the DU and my exchange. I want to work in the field of business law, this program was the logical continuation of my professional project. Indeed, the courses followed are relevant and more practice-oriented than theory-oriented which is great.

In addition, this program offered me the opportunity to perfect my English, which is essential in international business law.

Finally, having already studied at UCLy, I had no doubts about the supervision and working environment that this program would provide me with.

What are for you the main strengths of this diploma?

The main strengths of this diploma are numerous

In my opinion, they lie first of all in the dual qualification it confers, the LLM being an important recognition in law. In addition, we are offered many opportunities such as workshops and courses given by highly qualified teachers. From an international point of view, this degree has met all my expectations: the diversity of the students allows an even greater openness to the world.

In any case, this program is extremely formative and the learning context helps a lot, all the more so in these difficult sanitary times. As students we are well advised and surrounded and constantly pushed upwards.

What would you say to a student who would like to apply to this LL.M. in International Business Law?

My advice to any student who wants to join this master's program is not to hesitate to apply and take advantage of all the opportunities offered. It is a very good choice and a very good investment in a world where competition is fierce. The learning provided is qualitative and very formative. Work and personal investment are required, but it is very well rendered.

UCLy is an ideal working environment where any student with doubts will be able to find answers from former students and supervisors. In my opinion, this is a choice of excellence.

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