Noam Zamir

Associate Professor at UCLy

6. Legal, Political and Social Sciences

Campus Lyon - Saint Paul
10 Place des archives 69002 Lyon

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  • CNU section: 02. Public Law

Research areas

International Law

Teaching areas

Law International Investment Law & Arbitration Public International Law


Dr Noam Zamir is an Associate Professor of Law at Lyon Catholic University, where he teaches international investment law and dispute settlement. 
Dr Zamir's research focuses on public international law, investor-state arbitrations and international commercial arbitrations. He has written various articles in the field of public international law, notably international arbitration, international humanitarian law and human rights law. His articles were published in top journals such as the American Journal of International Law (CUP) and Arbitration International (OUP) and his book on international humanitarian law was published by Edward Elgar (2017).

In addition, Dr Zamir is an independent arbitrator (listed on the List of Arbitrators of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)) and he acts as tribunal secretary in international commercial and investment treaty arbitrations chaired by Mr Neil Kaplan CBE QC SBS and Dr Michael Moser, two of the most eminent arbitrators in Asia. 
Dr. Zamir completed his doctoral studies in 2014 at the University of Cambridge (Trinity College) under the supervision of Professor James Crawford. In autumn 2012 he was a visiting doctoral student at Harvard Law School. In 2011, he completed a graduate degree in law (B.C.L.) at the University of Oxford where he was a Weidenfeld Scholar. In 2009 he obtained his LL.B. degree at Haim Striks School of Law, the College of Management Academic Studies, Israel.  

  • Works
    • Monographs
      • ZAMIR, Noam (2017). Classification of Conflicts in International Humanitarian Law : The Legal Impact of Foreign Intervention in Civil Wars. Edwar Elgar Publishing, 288 p.  [+]
  • Chapters
    • Book chapters
      • ZAMIR, Noam (2020). «The Issue of Costs: How much does ISDS Cost and Who Bears the Cost?». In : Chaisse J., Choukroune L., Jusoh S. (dir.), Handbook of International Investment Law and Policy. Springer Publishing, 1-20.  [+]
      • ZAMIR, Noam (2016). «The Armed Conflict(s) Against the Islamic State». In : Gilbert Blardone, Henri Savall, (dir.), Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law Volume 18. Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law, 18, 91-121.  [+]
  • Articles
    • Articles in peer-reviewed journals
      • MOLLENGARDEN, Zachary, ZAMIR, Noam (2021). «The Principle: Back to Basics». American Journal of International Law, 115, 1, 41-77.  [+]
      • ZAMIR, Noam, MOLLENGARDEN, Zachary (2021). «The Monetary Gold Principle: Back to Basics». American Journal of International Law, 115, 1, 41-77.  [+]
      • ZAMIR, Noam, KIELSGARD, Mark D (2020). «Teaching International Law in Jurisdictions with International Law Crisis». ICL Journal, 13, 3, 259-280.  [+]
      • ZAMIR, Noam, SEGAL, Peretz (2019). «Appeal in International Arbitration – an Efficient and Affordable Arbitral Appeal Mechanism». Arbitration international, 1, 35, 79-93.  [+]
      • ZAMIR, Noam (2018). «The classification of armed conflicts between occupying states and non-state armed groups in cases of belligerent occupation». Cambridge International Law Journal (CILJ), 7, 1, 145-163.  [+]
      • ZAMIR, Noam (2017). «The applicability of the Monetary Gold principle in international arbitration». Arbitration international, 33, 4, 523-538.  [+]
      • ZAMIR, Noam (2015). «Distinction Matters: Rethinking the Protection of Civilian Objects in Non-International Armed Conflicts». Israel Law Review, 48, 1, 111-132.  [+]
      • MACÁK, Kubo, ZAMIR, Noam (2012). «The Applicability of International Humanitarian Law to the Conflict in Libya». International Community Law Review, 14, 4, 403-436.  [+]
      • BEN-NAFTALI, O., ZAMIR, Noam (2009). «Whose 'Conduct Unbecoming'?: The Shooting of a Handcuffed, Blindfolded Palestinian Demonstrator». Journal of international criminal justice, 7, 1, 155-175.  [+]
    • Articles in non-peer reviewed journals
      • ZAMIR, Noam (2017). «The Police Powers Doctrine in International Investment Law». Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, 14, 3, 318-337.
  • Scientific collaborations
    • Associate member of research networks / laboratories
      • 2015 - 2020, Teacher-researcher, City University of Hong Kong
  • Academic background
    • 2015 PhD in Law, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
    • 2011 BCL, University Of Oxford, United Kingdom
    • 2009 LL.B., The College of Management Academic Studies, Israel
  • Prizes & distinctions
    • Since 2022 The 2022 Francis Deák Prize
  • Languages
    • English - Able to teach
    • French