International Investments Agreements

Total number of hours 30
Number of hours for lectures 30


International legal rules and guidelines applicable to international investment agreements. Importance of the free movement of capitals, market access, and the need for legal certainty. Role of various international organizations (e.g. the OECD, the UNCTAD, the WTO, the G8, the IMF…). Analysis of some Bilateral Investment Treaties. Inclusion of investment issues in the EU’s common commercial policy, interrelation with the free movement of capitals and study of the EU forthcoming investment agreements with third countries (e.g. with Canada).


Level: Post Graduate
Submitted to prior assessment of the student’s background

Provide an analysis on key legal issues relating to the international investment regime and the main bilateral investment treaties. Discuss the impact of international investment policies on countries worldwide and the attempts to formulate a more balanced policy. Study of the EU approach and competences in this area.


Semester 1