Business Models

Crédits ECTS 2


Succeeding in today’s business world is not only a matter of having the best product or the most competitive strategy. It’s about having but the most effective/value-generating business model.
Moreover, in the new globalized, ever-changing business environment to survive and thrive in the long-run, to attain a sustainable “high-value” and high-growth market position a business enterprise must constantly find new ways innovative ways to optimize its business models.
Entrepreneurs and managers should be actively engaged in “strategic benchmarking”, which is learning from the best practices and critical mistakes resulting from innovative business models launched by other players in a variety of industries, markets and countries.
This course is an in-depth overview of the concepts, tools and frameworks used today to design, calibrate and validate successful business models. We’ll also take a look at several examples of how companies were able to innovate and drive value creation through the systematic application of such conceptual frameworks.
This class is offered in the Autumn semester.


Semestre 1