Certificate in French Language and Culture

General information

Length of studies
1, 2, 3 months or more (from 4 to 12 weeks)
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Teaching languages


What next?

The CLCF (Certificate in French Language and Culture) certifies the level reached in French. It is delivered after the monthly and summer programs.


The objectives of the courses are related to the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The courses are provided in groups from the level initiation to the mastering level. To know some more about your level: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - Assessment Grid


Admission conditions

Students must be at least 17 years old and be in possession of a diploma indicatinfg completion of secondary school in their country. Admission

To prepare this Certificate, you can choose one of these two programs : Monthly intensive program Summer intensive program

Conditions of validation

Regular assessment


The Diploma is provided indicating the number of hours studying French and the level reached in French language. The levels are as follows: - Initiation Level : complete beginner - Elementary Level : A1 Breakthrough / A2 Elementary - Independant Level : B1 Threshold / B2 Vantage - Proficient Level : C1 Operational / C2 Mastery

Career Opportunities

Entering French Universities and/or "Grandes écoles". Using French in the following fields : - International relations - Communication - Business - Tourism - Diplomacy ...

Further studies

There is an opportunity to study in the other Faculties of the Catholic Universit of Lyon during the intensive or semi-intensive programs. A list of options can be provided.

Obtaining the DELF B2 (National diploma) exempts you to pass an entering test in a National University.