Nadjet Lebsir

Associate Professor

7. Biosciences, Technologies and Ethics

Campus Lyon - Saint Paul
10 Place des archives 69002 Lyon


  • Teacher, ESTBB Lyon Catholic University
  • Member of Biosciences, technologies, ethics research team, CONFLUENCE : Sciences and Humanities Research Unit - EA 1598 Lyon Catholic University

Further information

Research areas

Virology Molecular biology cell biology Immunology infectious diseases viral hepatitis Cancerology

Teaching areas

Molecular Biology Cell biology Virology Human physiology Biolotechnology Genetic
  • Articles
    • Articles in peer-reviewed journals
      • GALLARD, Christophe, LEBSIR, Nadjet, KHURSHEED, Hira, REUNGOAT, Emma, PLISSONNIER, Marie-Laure, BRÉ, Jennifer, MICHELET, Maud, CHOUIK, Yasmina, ZOULIM, Fabien, PÉCHEUR, Eve-Isabelle, BARTOSCH, Birke, GRIGOROV, Boyan (2022). «Heparanase-1 is upregulated by hepatitis C virus and favors its replication». Journal of hepatology, In Press, Corrected Proof. URL/DOI :  [+]
      • LEBSIR, Nadjet, GOUESLAIN, Lucie, FARHAT, Rayan, CALLENS, Nathalie, DUBUISSON, Jean, JACKSON, Catherine L., ROUILLÉ, Yves (2019). «Functional and Physical Interaction between the Arf Activator GBF1 and Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protein». Journal of virology, 93, 6. URL/DOI :  [+]
      • FARHAT, Rayan, ANKAVAY, Maliki, LEBSIR, Nadjet, GOUTTENOIRE, Jérôme, JACKSON, Catherine L., WYCHOWSKI, Czeslaw, MORADPOUR, Darius, DUBUISSON, Jean, ROUILLÉ, Yves, COCQUEREL, Laurence (2018). «Identification of GBF1 as a cellular factor required for hepatitis E virus RNA replication». Cellular Microbiology, 20, 1, e12804. URL/DOI :  [+]
  • Scientific collaborations
    • Participation in other research projects
      • 2021 - 2023, Project coordinator : Chronic hepatitis B prevalence and liver cancer risk factor caracterisation in Mali, Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, in partnership with Centre d'infectiologie Charles Merieux (CICM)
  • Editorial activities
    • Development activities of books / journals / articles
      • Review Editor in Frontiers Virus and Host
  • Academic background
    • 2018 PhD, Biology, Virology, Etude de l'interaction du facteur cellulaire GBF1 et des protéines virales du virus de l'hépatite C, Université de Lille, France
    • 2014 Master, Biology, Immunology, Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, France
  • Educational responsibilities and professional experiences
    • Since 2021 Teacher, ESTBB, Lyon Catholic University, France
  • Teachings
    • 2020 - 2021 human physiology, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 Entreprise à 360°, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 Genetic engineering, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 Genetic, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 , Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 human physiology, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 cellular technologies, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 cell culture, Lyon Catholic University, France
  • Languages
    • French - Able to teach
    • English - Able to teach