Nadjet Lebsir

Associate Professor at UCLy

7. Biosciences, Technologies and Ethics

Campus Lyon - Saint Paul
10 Place des archives 69002 Lyon


  • Biology Lab manager Lyon Catholic University
  • Teacher, ESTBB Lyon Catholic University
  • Teacher-researcher, Biosciences, technologies, ethics research group, UR CONFLUENCE : Sciences et Humanités (EA1598) Lyon Catholic University
  • Member of Biosciences, technologies, ethics research team, UR CONFLUENCE : Sciences et Humanités (EA 1598) Lyon Catholic University

Further information

Research areas

Virology Molecular biology cell biology Immunology infectious diseases viral hepatitis Cancerology

Teaching areas

Molecular Biology Cell biology Virology Human physiology Biolotechnology Genetic


I am actually an Associate Professor (Maître de conférences) at Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy), School of biology and biotechnology ( ESTBB)

Specialities: Virology, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Teaching disciplines: Biotechnology, Cellular Biology,  Molecular Biology, immunology , human physiology

Public: Students in :

  • Bachelor Assistant Engineer Biology-Biochemistry-Biotechnologies / Undergraduate,

  • Bachelor Life Sciences - minor Humanities /Undergraduate,

  • Management of health and biotechnology industries | Post-graduate and Post-doctorate

Research: UR CONFLUENCE : Sciences et Humanités (EA 1598)

Projects: Hepatitis B virus induced carcinogenesis, 
  • Articles
    • Articles in peer-reviewed journals
      • LEBSIR, Nadjet, ZOULIM, Fabien, GRIGOROV, Boyan (2023). «Heparanase-1: From Cancer Biology to a Future Antiviral Target». Viruses, 15, 1, 237.  [+]
      • GALLARD, Christophe, LEBSIR, Nadjet, KHURSHEED, Hira, REUNGOAT, Emma, PLISSONNIER, Marie-Laure, BRÉ, Jennifer, MICHELET, Maud, CHOUIK, Yasmina, ZOULIM, Fabien, PÉCHEUR, Eve-Isabelle, BARTOSCH, Birke, GRIGOROV, Boyan (2022). «Heparanase-1 is upregulated by hepatitis C virus and favors its replication». Journal of hepatology, 77, 1, 29-41.  [+]
      • LEBSIR, Nadjet, GOUESLAIN, Lucie, FARHAT, Rayan, CALLENS, Nathalie, DUBUISSON, Jean, JACKSON, Catherine L., ROUILLÉ, Yves (2019). «Functional and Physical Interaction between the Arf Activator GBF1 and Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protein». Journal of virology, 93, 6.  [+]
      • FARHAT, Rayan, ANKAVAY, Maliki, LEBSIR, Nadjet, GOUTTENOIRE, Jérôme, JACKSON, Catherine L., WYCHOWSKI, Czeslaw, MORADPOUR, Darius, DUBUISSON, Jean, ROUILLÉ, Yves, COCQUEREL, Laurence (2018). «Identification of GBF1 as a cellular factor required for hepatitis E virus RNA replication». Cellular Microbiology, 20, 1, e12804.  [+]
  • Scientific collaborations
    • Participation in other research projects
      • 2021 - 2023, Project coordinator : Chronic hepatitis B prevalence and liver cancer risk factor caracterisation in Mali, Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, in partnership with Centre d'infectiologie Charles Merieux (CICM)
  • Editorial activities
    • Development activities of books / journals / articles
      • Reviewer of scientific publications, PLoS ONE
      • Review Editor in Frontiers Virus and Host
  • Academic background
    • 2018 PhD, Biology, Virology, Etude de l'interaction du facteur cellulaire GBF1 et des protéines virales du virus de l'hépatite C, Université de Lille, France
    • 2014 Master, Biology, Immunology, Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, France
  • Educational responsibilities and professional experiences
    • Since 2022 Biology Lab manager, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2021 Teacher, ESTBB, Lyon Catholic University, France
  • Teachings
    • Since 2022 , Lyon Catholic University, France
    • 2020 - 2022 Entreprise à 360°, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • 2020 - 2022 , Lyon Catholic University, France
    • 2020 - 2021 human physiology, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 Genetic engineering, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 Genetic, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 human physiology, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 cellular technologies, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 cell culture, Lyon Catholic University, France
  • Languages
    • French - Able to teach
    • English - Able to teach