Cathy Grosjean

Associate Professor

5. Integral Human Development, Ecology and Ethics

Campus Lyon - Saint Paul
10 Place des archives 69002 Lyon


  • Member of the research team Integral Development, Ecology, Ethics, CONFLUENCE : Sciences and Humanities Research Unit - EA 1598 Lyon Catholic University
  • ESQESE Director Lyon Catholic University

Further information

  • Field (CNU): 64. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research areas

Ecologie Biologie Biomimicry Environmental transitions

Teaching areas

Molecular biology Genetics Animal Biology Cellular biology Biochemistry
  • Chapters
    • Contributions to conference proceedings
      • GROSJEAN, Cathy, GAMAS, Pascal, HUGUET, Thierry (1998). «Early Nodulin Expression During Spontaneous Nodulating in Alfalfa». In : Elmerich C., Kondorosi A., Newton W.E. (dir.), Biological Nitrogen Fixation for the 21st Century. Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture. Springer Publishing, 31, 335. URL/DOI :  [+]
  • Articles
    • Articles in peer-reviewed journals
      • DE BILLY, Françoise, GROSJEAN, Cathy, MAY, Sean, BENNETT, Malcolm, CULLIMORE, Julie V. (2001). «Expression Studies on AUX1-like Genes in Medicago truncatula Suggest That Auxin Is Required at Two Steps in Early Nodule Development». Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions®, 14, 3, 267-277. URL/DOI :  [+]
      • MATHIS, R., GROSJEAN, Cathy, DE BILLY, F., HUGUET, T., GAMAS, P. (1999). «TheThe Early Nodulin Gene MtN6 Is a Novel Marker for Events Preceding Infection of Medicago truncatula Roots by Sinorhizobium meliloti». Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions®, 12, 6, 544-555. URL/DOI :  [+]
      • GROSJEAN, Cathy, HUGUET, Thierry (1997). «A persistent meristem is formed in nodular structures elicited by Nod factor or by a Rhizobium meliloti exopolysaccharide mutant in alfalfa plants which nodulate spontaneously». Plant Science, 127, 2, 215-225. URL/DOI :  [+]
  • Communications (conferences, seminars, study days)
    • GROSJEAN, Cathy (2022). «Le biomimétisme, une voie pour penser et agir pour les transitions environnementales». Journée d'étude Défis écologiques pour un avenir durable, UR Confluence Sciences & Humanités (EA 1598), UCLy, November 2022, Lyon, France.
    • GROSJEAN, Cathy, GAMAS, Pascal, HUGUET, Thierry (1997). «Early nodulin expression during spontaneous nodulating in alfalfa». 11th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, Institut Pasteur, July 1997, Paris, France.
    • GROSJEAN, Cathy, HUGUET, Thierry (1996). «Incomplete nodular organogenesis induced by exogenous factors or bacterial mutants can be morphologically complemented by alfalfa genotypes selected for their Nar phenotypes». 8th International Symposium on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, July 1996, Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America.
  • Scientific collaborations
    • Associate member of research networks / laboratories
      • 1999, Post-Doctorat, Wageningen University, Netherlands (The)
      • 1998, Post-Doctorat, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
      • 1993 - 1997, Member of a research team, Institut national de recherche pour l'agriculture, l'alimentation et l'environnement (INRAE), France
  • Academic background
    • 1997 PhD, Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology, Aspects physiologiques, moléculaires et génétiques de la nodulation en l'absence de Rhizobium chez la Luzerne (Medicago sativa L.), Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, France
    • 1992 Engineering degree in Biochemistry, INSA Lyon, France
  • Educational responsibilities and professional experiences
    • Since 2020 Teacher at ESQESE, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • Since 2020 ESQESE Director, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • 2018 - 2020 Pedagogical Director, ESTBB, Lyon Catholic University, France
    • 1999 - 2021 Teacher at ESTBB, Lyon Catholic University, France
  • Languages
    • English - Able to teach