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Opening of an MSc in Sustainable Tourism & Event Management


ESDES Business School

In autumn 2023, Esdes Business School is launching a new program: The Master of Science Sustainable Tourism & Event Management.

The MSc Sustainable Tourism and Event Management provides strategic visions of ESG focused practises in the Hospitality and Event sectors and enables students to generate sustainable solutions, whilst combatting the environmental and societal challenges faced by the tourism and events industries.

An MSc to prepare for tomorrow's jobs

Over a period of 13 months (including 4 months of internship), the new MSc was built under the careful guidance of professionals from both the International Toursim and Events sectors who have a first-hand understanding of the competencies and knowledge required to succeed in these industries. Accessible from a Master 1 level, French or international, the program, 100% in English, will be based in ESDES Business School’s campus in Annecy and students will also benefit from 2 field trips to enhance their learning experience.

A project will take the students to Athens, Greece, where they will be placed in a professional situation in the 5-star hotel chain "Amalia Hotels", a major player in sustainable tourism in Greece. The students will take the position of consultants in order to study the theme and provide a file including an audit, recommendations and a defense in front of a professional and academic jury.

Students who complete our MSc Sustainable Tourism & Event Management will have acquired the necessary skills to determine the best impactful initiatives for working in the hospitality sector.

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