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LLM in European and International Trade & Investment Law (Master 2 en convention avec l'Université Lumière Lyon 2)

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Bac + 4
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1 year
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This full-time LL.M. covers major existing European and multilateral trade and investment agreements and their interaction with the WTO with a particular focus on the European Union.

The full-time program cover major existing negotiated European and multilateral trade and investment agreements and their interaction with the WTO with a particular focus on the European Union. Topics include regional trade agreements (NAFTA, USMCA, CAFTA, CETA, CPTPP etc…), international and European trade law, trade and development, TRIPs agreement, trade preferences, international banking regulations, international customs practices, bilateral investment treaties and dispute resolution.

UCLY is in partnership with St John’s University New York for this dual LL.M. and with the French state university Lyon 2.

This LL.M. is entirely taught in English by experts, legal practitioners and lecturers from several jurisdictions. Professors have a practical approach to teaching focusing on tutorials, group work, students’ presentations and Moot arbitration.

The LL.M. in European and International Trade and Investment Law offers two alternative tracks.
The programme is delivered in English through lectures, presentations  and seminars during each semester.

Lyon Track : Two semesters in Lyon (from September to May). Successful students will be awarded a French Master 2 of European and International Trade and Investment Law (French Official Master 2 degree) and a LL.M. degree from Lyon Catholic University.

St John’s Track : One semester in Lyon (from September to December) and one semester in New-York, at our partner University, St John’s University (from January to May). At the end of both semesters, successful students will be awarded a Master of European and International Trade and Investment law (French official Master 2 degree) and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) by St John’s University (New- York).

St John’s Track – New York Bar Option : Students choosing the St John’s Track have the opportunity to prepare for the New York Bar.
Students may decide to stay for another semester at St John’s University to prepare for the New York Bar exam after having successfully completed the St John’s Track – Dual LL.M. Master of European and International Trade and Investment Law and the LL.M. of St John’s University.
Dual LL.M. students would have to enroll in at least 12 credits during the autumn semester. With respect to the tuition fees, St John’s University would charge a preferential rate for the second semester of coursework at St. John’s University.
If you are interested in doing this, you should indicate your choice in your application for the St John’s Track since it would impact some of the courses that dual LL.M. students would have to take during the spring semester at St. John’s University.

The core courses of this LL.M. programme cover the WTO agreements, the EU major external trade agreements and their interaction with the EU Single Market. Various courses are also dedicated to International Investment Treaties and the Trade Disputes settlement mechanisms.

In an increasingly international legal market, UCLy offers the opportunity to our students to study in France, allowing them to gain valuable legal and language skills, as well as experience of other cultures thanks to the multinational dimension of our classes.


The European Union (EU) is the world's largest single market area. UCLy offers the opportunity to our students to study in France, allowing them to gain valuable knowledge about the EU legal order and, thanks to the proximity to Geneva and Brussels, to be exposed to legal experts coming from the WTO, the European Union but also other stakeholders, e.g. members of the European Chambers of Commerce.

An important and increasing share of world's imports and exports is ruled by free and preferential trade agreements, making them central to the business activity of international companies and States. Lawyers who are specialized in this area will therefore have a valuable expertise into the legal market. The curriculum covers extensively trade in goods, services, trade and intellectual property, taxation of international trade, customs law and foreign direct investments.


Partenariats établissements

The St. John’s University School of Law – Université Catholique de Lyon offer a Dual Diploma : St. John’s LL.M. in Transnational Legal Practice & UCLy's LL.M. in European and International Trade and Investment Law.
In partnership with Saint John's University Law School of New York (USA).

Why choose this exciting double diploma? click here!


Niveau de recrutement : Bac + 4

Formation(s) requise(s)

Applicants are required to have an undergraduate degree in law (a French Licence, a LL.B. or equivalent) and a Postgraduate degreeand in any event at least 4 years of undergraduate studies. Acceptance of applicants with other types of diplomas will be determined by the Admission Committee which may also take into account relevant professional experience.

The program requires that applicants possess a good level of English language proficiency. Therefore we only accept applicants with a minimum IELTS Score of 6.5, a minimum TOEFL IBT score of 90 or CAE score of 58. Nevertheless, we might consider any experience establishing the command of the English Language.

There are no particular requirements regarding French language.

Conditions d'admission

Application procedure

  • The Application deadline: 30th June 2019 – It is recommended to apply as soon as possible.(Lyon Track; application deadline for completed files: 15th July 2019)

Documents for application

  • A cover letter in English,
  • A Curriculum-Vitae in English,
  • A copy of your diplomas and transcripts in English,
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of the English language certificate where applicable (if you are not a native speaker),
  • Two letters of reference in English (academic or professional reference as the case may be),
  • Any documents you deem necessary.


Application Form

Please fill out the downloadable Paper Application Form and send it back along with the following documents to the following email address:
Every document should be translated in English.

- A cover letter.

- A curriculum vitae.

- A copy of your diplomas and transcripts.

- A copy of your passport.

- A copy of the English language certificate where applicable.

- Two letters of reference.

- Any document you might find relevant.

The documents should be sent by mail preferably to the following addres: Should your documents be too heavy to send in one mail, do not hesitate to use free online transfer plateforms and insert the download link into the mail.
If you were unable to proceed as above mentioned, the documents must be sent by regular mail to our postal address:

Faculté de Droit
LL.M. in European and International Investment Law
10 Place des Archives
69 288 LYON CEDEX 02

Tuition Fee:

Lyon Track:
Home/European Economic Area Students : 8000 EUR
Non-European Economic Area Students : 9 000 EUR

St John's Track (New York):
For all: 18 000 EUR




Our Law School staff members are both academics from UCLy and foreign Universities as well as professionals working with leading companies, international law firms and international organizations. They bring real-world knowledge into UCLy classrooms. This combination of academic skills and real world experiences will help you shed light on international trade and investment law.




Our students benefit from a mentoring system. Our staff will also help you with your administrative papers and provide you with guidance for your internship search.

International Mooting Competition

UCLy students have participated to various Mooting Competition (i.e. ELSA Moot, Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot and ICC Commercial Mediation Moot Competition).

French classes

Students can study French while studying at UCLy. French classes as a foreign language courses are proposed free of charge.

Accommodation for our students

Our accommodation department will help you in finding a suitable accommodation for your stay in Lyon, Depending on the kind of accommodation you are looking for (there are university accommodation outside campus) and your budget (ideal rent etc…), our accommodation department will help you with your research and the renting process. See our Accommodation webpage

Members of our accommodation department can help you throughout the process in several languages. They speak French, English, Spanish or Italian. You can contact them by email (

Extra-Curricular activities for students

Lyon truly is great, regardless of what anyone likes to do. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as skiing, fishing, climbing or taking leisure nature walks.

There are many restaurants proposing a wide spectrum of food specialties (French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Indian etc…). You will even find a few new Michelin stars if you are a gourmet, several parks in the city, museums, theaters and ruins. If you are looking for original options, these include an ostrich farm, visiting the wineries where typical wines are produced (Bourgogne wines, Cotes du Rhone wines) or visiting the museum of dolls.

Our students usually take advantage of the central location of Lyon. Students travel to nearby locations for example: skiing resorts (Chamonix, Méribel, les 2 Alpes, Alpe Huez etc…); Lake Miribel offers a great swimming beach in summer, there are hiking and trekking site in the region, and a particle accelerator near Geneva that nerds can visit by asking a permit from the government. Switzerland and Italy are a bus ride away for less than 10 euros, and for 15 euros or so, Belgium, Paris, Spain or Greece. You can fly to European cities and other regions from Lyon airport
  • Enrique from Venezuela (Promotion 2017-2018) highly recommends the Light Festival, which takes place every year on 8th December.
  • Julie from France (Promotion 2017-2018) suggests cultural visits in Lyon, which is a former Roman city, famous for its silk trade and a strong cultural heritage. She enjoyed travelling to other cities or other countries.
  • Jens went to the Parc de la Tête d’or for sporting activities and enjoyed cinemas at Confluence center in Lyon.

Some general tourist promotion links:

Examples of specific clubs/activities:

Débouchés professionnels

Why should I enroll?

The program is designed for students aiming at international trade, customs, and investment positions in companies, law-firms and international organizations. Students aiming at qualifying as lawyers and working as in-house lawyers would benefit from this knowledge. This LL.M. is designed to meet the need of companies which do business/trade at international level and invest abroad.

Recent graduates have joined law firms (either for internships or job opportunities) or international organizations (see what our past students have done).

This Master 2/LL.M. will give you an added value to your curriculum vitae. You will have contacts with practitioners and experts from international organizations and prestigious law firms in several jurisdictions. You will also develop a valuable network with other students coming from various parts of the world.

Study visits are an integral part of the program. In recent years, students visited the WTO and WIPO on study visits.

Students can attend international conferences on a variety of topics:
  • International Symposium – International Arbitration In The context of Global Trade and Investments in November 2017 at UCLy
  • International Symposium - Smart Contracts & Blockchain technologies in May 2018 at UCLy (see our Symposium page)
  • International Symposium - Multinational Corporations (and other International Economic Entities) Facing Human Rights Violations on 14th February 2019 at UCLy (see our website: International Symposium)
  • International Symposium - Judicial Control of Arbitral Awards: Scope, Vacation, and Public Policy on 26th and 27th April 2019 at UCLy
Students can also attend conferences given by visiting scholars and practitioners on a variety of topics (i.e. EU Legislation on Data Protection, European Union, Digitalization and the law, Common law etc…).

What did they do after the LL.M. progam? Students’ feedback

  • Quentin from France – St John’s Track –New York Bar Pathway (Promotion 2017-2018) joined a law firm in New York after passing the New York Bar.
He said that ‘pursuing the Dual LLM Degree has by far been my most rewarding university experience, both personally and academically, the class structure at both St. John’s and UCLy played an instrumental role in understanding even the most complex matters.”

Quentin explained why he took the New York Bar exam. He insisted on the international marketability. He added that taking ‘the New York Bar is the last step of a long international academic background’. It was ‘a new challenge, which should not, however, be undertaken lightly. This is definitely an extra qualification and a legitimacy when it comes to employment’.

  • Ingrid from the Dominican Republic – Lyon Track (promotion 2017-2018) is now a Manager of Public Policy Issues. She joined an NGO defending the interests of industrial and productive enterprises of the Dominican Republic.
  • Ayo from Nigeria – Lyon Track (promotion 2016-2017) is a Trade Policy Analyst and an Oxford Policy Fellow based in Ouganda.
  • Beatriz from Brasil – Lyon Track (promotion 2017-2018) did a 6-month internship with Volvo Truck in Lyon and now works for a start-up company in Paris gaining experience in contracts, labor law, international trade and compliance, IP and data protection.
  • Jens from Germany – St John’s Track (promotion 2016-2017) chose this program as it fitted it résumé. He wanted to specialize in trade and corporate in Germany. He said that this program gave him ‘the chance to have a deeper look’ at those issues. He also added that ‘international law firms appreciate’ the fact that students have studied abroad.
  • Ginalin from the Philippines – St John’s Track (promotion 2016-2017) is now one of the joint ventures and acquisitions lawyer for Asia and the Pacific at the Global Legal Network of a large global IT and consulting firm in their Manila headquarters. She said that ‘thanks to UCLy and SJU as my learnings from our LLM courses really came in handy and made my transition from banking law to contract law, much easier’.
  • David from France – Lyon Track (promotion 2017-2018) joined a law firm specialized in Customs Law for a 6-month internship in Lyon. Check his video!
  • Isabel from Germany - Lyon Track (promotion 2017-2018) is currently doing an internship in an international organization.
  • Sariyya from Azerbaijan - Lyon Track (promotion 2016-2017) currently doing an internship at the World Trade Organization came back to share her experience with our current students on 4th December 2018. She explained what it entails to work in the Secretariat of the WTO as an intern. She also made a presentation on the WTO disciplines on Trade in Agriculture, her area of interest.