Health related data protection and artificial intelligence


This workshop is dedicated to the topic of artificial intelligence focused on health.

The first part presents the notion of artificial intelligence (AI) from both ethical and legal points of view at the EU level.

Based on this, the second part will analyze the use of AI in the processing of medical data. This will be seen thru two main domains that are medical research and curative medicine. Both sectors might use such a technology and the workshop aims at showing the advantage of it but also its limits. Indeed, if AI is able to process a huge volume of data, it's still an algorithm with its potential bias and misuses.

AI might also involve a shift of liability or a multiplicity of actors with their respective liability. How can we manage this situation? How can the patient face this multiplicity of interlocutors? All these issues will be faced during the workshop. The workshop will be a combination of lessons and debates around specific cases in order to allow the participants to interact with the group.


Jean-Marc Van Gyseghem

Since December 2001, Jean-Marc Van Gyseghem has been working at the Research Centre on Information, Law an Society ( at the University of Namur (Belgium) where he is now Director of Research after being Head of the Research Unit “Liberties in the information society” from 2008 to 2016.

Since 2019, he has been senior Lecturer at the Catholic University of Lyon (France).

He is frequently invited to present communications on medical data protection and on eHealth. He is the author of several papers and book chapters in this domain.

He’s member of an ethical committee in a Belgian hospital and invited expert at Superior Health Council of Belgium as well as member of its Board of practice.

He is expert for the ITU (UN agency for information and communication technologies) mainly personal data.

He is also member of the Bar of Brussels and Partner at Rawlings Giles Law firm( He is specialized in Medical Law (including civil liability), Insurance, Privacy, Medical Data Protection and eHealth Services and Products.

Jean Marc Van Gyseghem