ESDES inter-générations

People of different generations sharing accommodation

Published on April 16, 2008 Updated on September 12, 2013

The ESDES inter-générations association aims to put international students in contact with older people or families who want to offer lodging in return for their presence in their home and help with some everyday chores.

With the simple principle of exchanging services without financial payment, the association:

- responds to the needs of older people who want to stay in their own homes when age restricts their mobility and their independence in daily life

- provides a response to the student accommodation problem

- encourages people from different generations to help each other and creates links between those of different ages.

How does it work?

The association selects students and arranges for them to meet the older people and host families. Pairs are then decided.

As part of the exchange:

- both parties sign an agreement that lays out the details of the exchange as well as the conditions for leaving and a list of the reciprocal rights and duties of each

-  the association monitors the pairs to ensure good relations and to prevent and manage any difficulties arising from living together.