Disabled students

Are you disabled?

If so, the Catholic University of Lyon welcomes you. We will support your arrival and life at the University.

Our disability policy

Making teaching and services accessible to all is a priority for the Catholic University of Lyon.

The University's desire to integrate disabled students is demonstrated by the measures it has undertaken to improve accessibility to its premises, and to provide individual help and special arrangements.


The whole of the Carnot campus is accessible, including its lecture theatres, classrooms, IT labs, cafeteria, resource centre, offices and toilets.

The Bellecour campus is soon to undergo renovation to make it accessible to all.

Welcome and personal support

A Disabled Students Officer, appointed by the President, is responsible for making sure that disabled students feel included and supported.

She co-ordinates all measures taken by the University to integrate the disabled.

She is your first port of call in case of difficulty.

The Disabled Students Officer works with University Administration and Student Services to provide help and support.

Signing, note taking, accompaniment and transportation across the campus can be financed by the University as part of an agreement with Lyon 2 University's Disabled Students Service.

You can also contact the surgery and counselling service.