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Specialized Translation and Liaison Interpreting (Master's Level)

Full-time study

Specialized translator | Graduate degree : RNCP Level I certified by the State

Modern Languages, Literature and Communication

Specialized translator is an expert in translation and sociolinguistic supervision specialized in information, documentation, translation and the management of technological tools related to the exercise of his/her activity.

Presentation of the programme Specialized Translation and Liaison Interpreting

The title of “Specialist Translation and Liaison Interpreting” certifies the acquisition of these skills. It is recognized by the State and registered on Level I in the French national register of professional qualifications (RNCP).

Working languages

  • Option with 2 working languages:
    1. French
    2. English (advanced level)
  • Option with 3 working languages:
    1. French
    2. English
    3. third language (Spanish / German / Italian)

Our strengths


2 or 3 working languages : French + English + third language (German / Spanish / Italian / Chinese)

2 internships abroad : 860 partner companies throughout the world

70% of professional trainers

  • 1 défi entreprise au service des associations humanitaires internationales
  • 2 entrepreneurship units “Setting up a translation agency” and “Setting up a freelance translator business”



Business partnerships

Translation agencies in France and abroad (Partner offering internships)

Institutional partnerships

S.F.T.: National Union of Professional Translators

AFFUMT: French Association of University training courses in translation careers.




2 years (including 12 months of internship in total)

Academic programme

The academic programme of the degree “Translation and Liaison Interpreting” is spread over 2 years of training. It is composed of 5 blocks of specialized skills:

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Documentation and information system
  • Provision of translation services
  • Mobility in France and abroad


Learn more about the academic programme

Coaching programme


ESTRI accompanys its students in the developpement of their professional project through an unique programme composed of 3 units:


Academic preparation / professional preparation /
Personal development


  • Coaching to ensure the achievement of student’s professional project:
    • by a study manager ensuring constant academic follow-up of students
    • by a team of internship managers preparing students for periods of mobility
  • Professionalizing workshops provided by professionals to develop the skills of each student and guarantee optimal professional integration


Learn more about the coaching programme

Targeted skills

  • Identify and reproduce the meaning and message of a document
  • Bringing cultural elements together, comparing them and identifying the rules of sociolinguistic interaction
  • Write, reformulate, restructure, condense, adapt
  • Review, modify, correct, rework, optimize, harmonize and smooth translated and pre-translated texts
  • Identify documentation needs and develop documentary and terminology research strategies
  • Organize meetings with the client, explain her/his needs and objectives, and negotiate
  • Coordinate a translation project, plan, manage the organization
  • Meet the objectives and commitments, and offer a quality service
  • Use a variety of tools for proofreading, translation, terminology, layout, document research
  • Carry out a technological monitoring and adapt himself/herself to technological developments in the translating profession

Assessment methods

  • Final examinations at the end of semester


  • Mandatory internship
  • Internship abroad
    • 4th year: Professional internship abroad (6 months)
    • 5th year: End of studies professional mission in France or abroad (3 to 6 months)


Entry qualification: Undergraduate degree

Admission conditions




  • Validated a level or completed relevant degree at the year of admission
    1. Undergraduate degree in Applied Foreign Languages, , communication or any equivalent degree for admission to the first year (Advanced level is required in each language: minimum C1)
    2. Validated 1st year of Master in Applied Foreign Languages, , communication or any equivalent degree for admission to the 2nd year (Advanced level is required in each language: minimum C1)


  • Have a professional project
    1. Professional project related to languages, international careers
    2. Identification of the ……… in the cover letter


  • Speak three following languages:
    1. French (mandatory)
    2. English (mandatory)
    3. German or Spanish or Italian (mandatory)


  • Conclude the study contract: Document submitted at the beginning of the academic year indicating:
    1. List of courses to validate
    2. Acceptance of internal and pedagogic rules and statement of work


  • Covered by social security


  • Pay the tuition fees



Step 1: Application

The applicant in 4th or 5th year sends before June 30th an online application consisting of the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • A-level results
  • Superior’s Bulletins
  • Curriculum vitae in French
  • Cover letter in French
  • Any proof of language level (test, diploma, recommendation, certificate, etc.)

N.B.: The application is valid for one year.


Step 2: Eligibility

The ESTRI eligibility panel examines the application on the basis of the results, the appreciations, the project indicated in the letter of motivation and the adequacy of the candidate’s profile with the skills referred to in the ESTRI.
ESTRI informs the applicant of the result: eligible, redirected (to another year or another ESTRI programme) or refused. This result is communicated by email.


Step 3: Admission

The eligible applicant is contacted by ESTRI for a possible interview (at the candidate’s request for further information or at the ESTRI’s request for any clarification on applicant’s background).

The final admission of the applicant is made as soon as he confirms his wish to register at ESTRI.


Step 4: Registration

ESTRI sends an invitation to the admitted applicant to proceed with his registration. The administrative and educational registration can be done online or by appointment with the secretariat: estri@univ-catholyon.fr



Exchange programme and internships abroad

  • 1st year: 3 to 6 months abroad (internship or exchange)
  • 2nd year: 3 to 6 months abroad or in France


2 or 3 working languages

Career prospects

wide range of international careers after 5 years at ESTRI

  • Translation project manager
  • Specialized translator
  • Locator – Multimedia translator
  • Translator – proofreader
  • Translator – Post-editor
  • Liaison interpreter


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Cost of the programme:

€4,500 – €7,500 per year according to the family quotient + internship fees


Financial assistance is possible:
– By the CROUS: scholarship on social criteria. Information on www.crous-lyon.fr
– By the Catholic University of Lyon: with “Open” scholarships (1st registration at UCLy) or Excellence scholarships (after the 1st year of study at UCLy)

Our strengths

2 or 3 working languages

2 long term internships

80% of professional trainers


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