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Master's Degree - Human Rights & Multi-Level Governance

As part of a partnership with the University of Padua (Italy), students enrolled in the IDHL MA Degree program “Droit
des libertés” will have the opportunity to obtain a double degree. They will be able to carry out a one-year mobility in
Padua and be enrolled in the MA degree Human Rights and Multi-level Governance (HRG) at the Department of Political
Science, Law and International Studies of the University of Padua.

Human Rights & Multi-Level Governance


The MA programme in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance is a contribution to developing a universal culture of human rights such as highlighted by Unesco and the United Nations. Accordingly, it has a strong policy- and action-oriented approach. The MA is aims at developing ad-hoc knowledge and skills to promote and fulfil human rights within the broader context of legal and political processes and multi-level policies. The MA Degree Programme Human Rights and Multi-level Governance (HRG) aims at developing the competences to work in complex local and international contexts, in accordance with the universal human rights paradigm and based on social commitment.
The HRG programme (in English) promotes active learning and innovative teaching methods. Classes are multicultural; the programme values diversity and inclusion. Courses are in seminar form, promote the participation of students and include special modules with international organisation officers, NGO representatives, visiting scholars, diplomats.


  • Enhance students’ academic background in the field of human rights, with a multi- and transdisciplinary approach based on international relations, economics and sociology
  • Develop the skills required to work in complex local and international contexts, in accordance with the universal human rights paradigm and based on social commitment
  • Promote active learning and innovative teaching methods including special modules with international organisation officers, NGO representatives, visiting scholars, diplomats

Target Audience

For 2024-2025 :

  • For UCLy students (M1) the cost of the Master degree is from 2,580€ to 8600€* (depending on annual incomes)

*The price does not include administrative fees

In Padua, students will take the following courses:

  • History of international organisations OR History of genocides OR International history of the Balkans
  • Choose two out of the following four exams:  Economic globalization and human rights, Statistics for Social Science, Business and Human Rights, Economics of human capital
  • Human Rights in International Politics
  • Women’s human rights OR Refugee human rights protection OR Children’s Rights
  • Foreign language: Choose one out of the following: Advanced Spanish Language Advanced German Language Portuguese Language Russian Language Serbian‐Croatian Language Slovenian Language
  • Final exam (Thesis defence)

Students coming from Padua will follow the program of the Master 2 Droit des libertés – Pratiques du droit international et régional des Droits de l’Homme

  • Double degree entirely taught in English in a multicultural environment
  • Seminars and conferences organised by the Human Rights Centre “Antonio Papisca”
  • Training and simulation exercises with the Italian Red Cross, Save the Children, the OSCE High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • A study trip to the international organisations in Geneva
  • Writing of a research Master thesis

The HRG programme is strongly action- and policyoriented. Job positions suitable for MA graduates include: human rights officer in international organisations, diplomatic service and in the public sector; officer in Ombudsman structures and national institutions for human rights; project officer of humanitarian aid, democratic institution building and technical assistance units; advocacy officer; human rights expert at corporate organisations, etc.

Programme supervisor

Florence Wady,