International Trade Law

Semester 1

Total number of hours : 20


To acquire the legal foundations of the trade relations at an international stage.


The internationalization of domestic economies has been in constant evolution for several decades. The pace of the development of exchanges between countries is now intense and leads to the drafting of legal rules to be enforced by different trade actors. This legislative corpus which is taking shape nowadays plays a major role.

Without being exhaustive, the proposed courses aim at enabling students in Master 1 to discover the major principles of law which rule International Trade Law through an updated summary.

Several points will be presented: the originality of this law which lies mainly in the right choice of applicable rules but also in the existence of a special legislation as to litigation.

Besides, the institutional actors of International Trade will be studied, the WTO being at the forefront.

Finally, the legal rules as to international trade operations will be essentially taken into account thanks to the Vienna Convention considered as the reference in this domain.

Contrôles des connaissances

Assessment :
a) Individual and group written assignment(s) (50% of module grade).
b) Final in-class exam (50% of module grade).

Further information

Teacher : Andrew Gareleck