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International Trade and Investment Law - Reflecting on the Future Face of Trade

Let's welcome the World!
For several years now, UCLy has been doing its very best to make sure that the high-quality welcome offered to students from all over the world remains a priority. By doing so, it intends to cultivate its distinctiveness, based on the ongoing support of each and every student, especially those coming from abroad

Flipped learning to get students actively involved in their training course
What do a lecture in genetic engineering, an introduction to experimental scientific practice and revisions in microbiology have in common? The answer is that all of the above have been subject to educational innovations which have been implemented at the Graduate School of Biology-Biochemistry-Biotechnologies (ESTBB)

Changing our perception of deprivation of freedom
By bringing together various professionals and former detainees, the new “Droits debout” (Upright Rights) university certificate gives multidisciplinary insight into the fundamental right of persons deprived of their freedom

UCLy welcomes the Art world
By bringing art into the confines of the university, and by including cultural activities in the curricula, UCLy intends to develop the creativity, open-mindedness and listening capacities of its students

ICM: a boost for International Mobility
Thanks to the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) programme, students, teachers and staff can participate in exchanges with countries outside of Europe. UCLy took advantage of this opportunity recently with two partner universities, in Lebanon and Georgia

UNIVA, the University for all; a Hub of academic culture focusing on contemporary issues
The Lyon Catholic University is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to broaden their knowledge base, and think outside the box, especially though art. While having a well-rounded education is obviously necessary to understand the complexity of the world we live in, it’s also a driving force behind action and commitment.

Interdisciplinarity at the heart of ESDES
Like business schools in English-speaking countries, ESDES belongs to a major university. This unique position offers its students access to courses across a broad range of disciplines and skills

The Cyber Law Clinic probes digital technologies
To measure the impact of current and future technological transformations on rights and freedoms, the students of the Law School are conducting experiments in law clinics.

Two major events set the pace during the year of the UNESCO Chair
During the 2018-2019 academic year, the “Memory, Cultures and Interculturality” Chair organised two high-profile conferences on the themes of terrorism in the Sahel and reconstructing peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
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