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Impact finance job openings planned in 2024 in Europe

MSc Impact Finance and Fintech Management

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Sustainable Finance, Fintech Strategic Management

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Are you ready to harness the power of finance and technology to create positive change on a global scale?

Welcome to our unique MSc program in Impact Finance and Fintech Management, where innovation meets social responsibility and financial expertise drives sustainable development.  Financial systems are no longer just about profit-making, but also about making a meaningful ESG impact.  In our innovative program you can become a force for good within high-level sustainable financial management, green banking  or ESG analysis, capable of reasoning in an integrated manner by mastering the issues of responsibility, technology and sustainability.

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MSc in Lyon - France
MSc Impact Finance and Fintech Management

The starting date for the program is October 2024 (or deferred entry possible in December).

The curriculum has been created following the input and guidance from key experts in the financial and fintech sectors who have a first hand view of the competencies and knowledge required.  This innovative program will give students a visionary learning experience through practitioner and research led teaching in the fields of impact finance and fintech.

Esdes Business School is in collaboration with the CFA to prepare students who wish to take the Certificate in ESG investing (https://www.cfainstitute.org/en/programs/esg-investing)


The program has been awarded the MSc label from the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles . See more details for Visa.  This certification enables students to extend their student visa in order to work in France for a period of up to 2 years* (*depending on country of origin)

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For the past 30 years, Esdes has been preparing students and professionals, through education and research, to create sustainable value, in order to build a responsible economy in a globalized and digital world. With this commitment, Esdes contributes to the emergence of a responsible economy driven by its employees, partners, alumni and students.

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Our 13-month program is taught 100% in English and includes a 4-month internship.


5 teaching blocks will take students through :

  • The analysis, reporting and modelling of financial data for ESG projects
  • The conception and commercialisation of a portfolio of impact finance products
  • Strategic development of inclusive finance
  • Managing the sustainable performance of an organization with Fintech innovation
  • Research project


Career opportunities :

Students who follow our MSc in Impact Finance and Fintech Management will be eligible for all investment and asset management professions, including complementary extra-financial expertise linked to the transformation of finance professions in the sector. Such positions include, but are not restricted to :

  • Extra-financial analyst
  • Impact investor, private equity investor
  • Impact finance strategy consultant (in rating agencies or “Big Four”)
  • Compliance officer
  • Investment and risk manager
  • ESG Manager
  • ESG investor relations
  • Fintech-based fund management


This program runs from October each year.


Program Teaching hours

(exams included)

Block 1 : How to develop strategy for impactful financial strategies – 15 ECTS
Climate Change Risk Modelling for Impact Investment 18
Green Finance and Green Bons Structure 16
Building an ESG Profile 16
Impact Assessment & Investment Management 24
Eco-Innovation and Design Thinking 18
Block 2 : Measuring and Controlling Performance of Impact Finance : Rules and Regulations – 15 ECTS
AI and Predictive ESG Modelling 24
Sustainable Investment Regulation 12
Sustainable Financial Risk Management 18
Sustainability Controlling and Management 24
Choice of 2 Masterclasses : Frugal Innovation, Leadership Skills, Waste Management or Responsible Management 2×18
Block 3 : Consolidating and Analysing Financial and non Financial Data – 15 ECTS
Advanced Excel Reporting 22
Financial Programming with Python 22
Big Data Analytics 18
Project Management Tools 12
ESG Analysis 12
Carbon Auditing 18
Block 4 : Managing Fintech and the Sustainable Performance in Companies – 15 ECTS
Fintech Solutions 14
Advanced RPA Programming in the Financial Sector 24
Blockchain and Cryptomoney Strategies 18
Green It 24
Key Account Management 18

Impact finance is the intentional use of financial capital to bring about a measurable and positive social and/or environmental change.

Impact finance includes a range of capital investments, that seek a market-rate financial return alongside a social/environmental impact. The defining features of impact finance are:

  • The impact is intentional
  • The impact is measured and managed
  • The impact is positive
  • The impact is additional (Impact is ‘additional’ if it creates change beyond what would have happened anyway).

The need for impact finance is great. There is an estimated $2.6 trillion annual funding gap to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. More than 3 billion people live on less than $2.50/day, and climate change threatens to have catastrophic and irreversible consequences for our planet.

At the same time, with new technologies and global connectivity, there has never been so much potential to find world-changing solutions at scale.

However, it is clear that creative impact investment models and innovative government policies will also be central to paving pathways to scale. And here lies society’s challenge.

Do YOU want to make an impact ? Start now with the MSc in Impact Finance and fintech management


The candidate must:
• be finishing or have already completed a four-year degree (equivalent to 240 ECTS) in France or abroad ; candidates must have followed a course in fundamentals of finance in their undergraduate degree.
• have at least a B2 level in English (5.5 IELTS]

Applications will be received once all documents are submitted.
Applicants will also be invited to a personal interview online and in English, as part of the admission process.

Applications are evaluated as follows:

Admission for the MSc’s degree Weighting
Application form 10
English 3
Personal Interview in English 7


Native English speakers or candidates who have been studying in English for at least two years will be exempt from the English requirement. In this case, applications are evaluated as follows:

Admission for Master’s degree Weighting
Application form 10
Personal interview in English 10


Documents required for your application:

  • Application file
  • photocopy of identity document ;
  • CV + cover letter ;
  • photocopy of the baccalaureate or equivalent;
  • any post-baccalaureate diplomas already obtained;
  • all transcripts of grades obtained during the years of higher education;
  • proof of English level B2 or English-speaking student or 2 years of courses 100% in English;
  • letter of recommendation (professional or academic);
  • application fee.



You can find the fees on this page.

Please note that for the December intake, Early bird rate is available for non-EU international students: 10% discount applicable to the year’s tuition fees if the complete application form is sent in and the tuition fees are paid before the end of July.

You have questions about the Early bird? Ask our team: join@esdes.fr  



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Payment options can include bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and more, typically in your home currency for most countries.

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Key information about impact Finance

$2.3 trillion were being invested for impact in 2020, ie. about 2% of global AUM. A small market niche but one that is attracting growing interest.

Impact investing in private markets could be as large as $2.1 trillion in assets under management, but only a quarter of that, $505 billion, is clearly measured for its impact.

The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework sets a clear mandate for private financial flows to align with the 2050 Vision of “Living in harmony with Nature”, providing the finance sector with a landmark agreement for biodiversity-related financial-decision making.

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