The EU Single Market

Credit hour 2.5
Total number of hours 15
Number of hours for lectures 15




The objective of the course is to develop students’ understanding of the European legal framework for business activities: what are the foundations of the single market, what are the major substantive provisions of EU Business Law and how do they apply within the broader European legal order.


The European Union developed progressively by relying on a common market covering a whole range of goods and services. Interdependence between the Member States has progressively extended from the economic to the political dimensions (the so-called European integration). The European Union has permitted to stabilize the European continent and has extended the benefits of European integration to the new democracies in Eastern Europe. The European single market provides European companies with a wide free-trade area so that they can compete successfully on world markets. European Union relies largely on economics and the single market is one of the foundations of the European Union.

This module covers the legal framework of the European Single Market, after its 20 years of existence. The different parts of the module will address the actual legal framework applicable to the mobility of goods, persons, services and capital and its possible future developments.


Nigel FOSTER, EU Law, 9th ed., OUP, 2013


The module will be evaluated through a final dissertation to be returned after the end of the course.

Additional Information

Teaching and Learning Strategy :

The module will use various methods to stimulate both teaching and learning. Students will be presented with mini lectures where basic information will be disseminated. In order to stimulate the learning process students will be required to do a substantial amount of prescribed reading in order to work on case studies based on legal issues. Towards the final stages students will be required to work on a dissertation where they will be able to put into application the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the lectures.