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Bachelor in International Business

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ESDES Business School – Marketing Project Manager / Business Developer program

A three-year program that is ideal for students who want to study international Business in France with classes taught in English. The Bachelor in international Business is designed for students who are eager to stand up to the challenges of global business landscape, have the ambition to make a serious impact in shaping our society. With an equal mix of theoretical and applied courses, our Bachelor in international Business provides students with a solid understanding of the international business environment. Students will acquire all must-have competencies in management and will develop all professional knowledge, culture and skills needed to enter the european employment market. .

Students will have the huge advantage of studying with international and French students (around 35 nationalities studying in the program), and therefore are in complete immersion to understand different cultures.

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Study in France
Bachelor in International Business


  • To provide graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge so that they can make an effective contribution to an organization in the capacity of junior manager.
  • To develop students’ critical appreciation of the role of managers in a global context with a focus on a chosen geographical location (Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, Africa) and an industry sector.
  • To prepare and support students to plan and pursue their own continuing professional development
  • To equip students with analytical and evaluative skills, i.e. develop students’ understanding, judgement, and problem-solving skills with an ability to communicate to a broad public.
  • To enhance students’ appreciation of multi-cultural environment and Business culture abroad.
  • Develop students French Language skills to help with recruitment during and after studies



Objectives 1st Year – International Business Foudation

  • Discover and learn the fundamentals of management and business by discovering a wide variety of domains including the fundamentals of marketing, accounting,
  • Spend a minimum of two months as a volunteer or work for a humanitarian or social mission, in France or abroad, in an association or an NGO, to discover the diversity of individuals with the SoliCity mission
  • Develop students’ business communications skills

Objectives 2nd Year – Learning by immersion

  • Further develop skills and knowledge in management with classes in Human Resources Management, Economic Development and International Relations and Ethical Dimensions of International Business.
  • Gain work experience through a 2-month internship in either France or abroad

Opportunity for students to further their international experience with the possibility of students to spend one semester abroad at one of our partner university

Objectives 3rd Year

  • Provide students with a good understanding of international business with classes in Cross Cultural Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Models, Doing Business Abroad and International Business Negotiation.
  • Provide insight into business practices in different geographical locations.
  • Continue to gain work experience with a 4-month internship in France or abroad
  • Guide students in their professional development to help prepare them for the work environment or to continue their studies.


Esdes requires that all students undertake a 2-month minimum engagement in a humanitarian, social and civic mission which is mandatory.
During these two months in contact with less privileged populations, near us or in developing countries, students will have the opportunity to overcome their prejudices and demonstrate their commitment.


  • Ideal for international students who want to study international business in France and wish to follow a program taught in English. Students will develop their French Language skills during the program.
  • A truly international program where students will gain a cultural appreciation by working with peers from different nationalities.
  • A balanced mix of academic and professional learning experiences
  • One semester abroad possible (2nd year) in our partner universities
  • A focus on business practices in four geographical areas
  • A focus in an industry sector of your choice : Wine & Gastronomy, Social Business, Luxury, Non for Profit…

The Bachelor in International Business is designed to meet the recruitment needs of companies:

  • The personal & career development program, combined with corporate experiences (company visits, consultancy project and internships), helps students succeed in finding a job in France or abroad
  • Students can continue their studies in the Master’s programs (subject to conditions of admission) which allows students to specialize even further in a two-year period



The program alumni work today at Bayer, Walt Disney Company? LCL in France, in Europe, in the US or back in their home country.


ESDES Lyon business School has signed a partnership agreement with the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pècs (Hungary). This agreement allows ESDES students to study for one year at Pècs, and obtain a double degree: the ESDES Bachelor in Business (Visé, AACSB accredited) and the Pècs Bachelor (EFMD accredited).



The Bachelor’s degree is certified by the RNCP (French National Repertory of Professional Certifications) level 6.

The Bachelor in International Business leads to a diploma approved by the Minister of Higher Education and Research and given the grade of licence.

Esdes Business School is AACSB accredited, its master in management program is part of the Best master in management ranking by the Financial Times

It allows to pursue studies in master cycle.

logo diplome visé par l'etat logo diplome grade de licencelogo diplome certifié RNCP

A three-year program focused on building and developing the fundamentals of business and management within an global world. The program is structured to allow a triple focus:
geographical, function or industry sector.

The educational progression of the program, based on professional, social, cultural and international experiences, allows the student to personalize their career path, to quickly gain autonomy and professionalization whilst integrating the core values of the school.


Core courses Hours ECTS
Societal and Environmental Issues 32 3
Principles of Accounting 32 3
Entrepreneurial Process and Creativity 32 3
Fundamentals of Marketing 32 3
Information technology 1 32 3
Environments: Cultural, Political and Legal 32 3
French Language //  Chinese Language 30 3
Electives (Students must choose one from the catalog) 18 2
SoliCity preparation 10 1
Buddy Program 6 0
Student Association 0 2
PEPs (Personal and Career Development) 8 2



Core courses Hours ECTS
Consumer Behavior 32 3
Financial Mathematics 32 3
Geopolitics and Media Analysis 32 3
Management Accounting 32 3
Organization and Innovation 32 3
Interculturality ans Sociological Inquiry 32 3
Effective Communication 18 2
French Language // Chinese language 30 3
Electives (students must choose one from the catalog) 20 2
Realisation SoliCity  0 3
Company Visits 3 0
Student Association 2



Core courses Hours ECTS
Human Resources Management 32 3
Principles of Economics 32 3
Economic Development and International Relations 30 3
Geopolitics 32 3
France in 21st Century 30 3
Market Research 32 3
Geopolitics 32 3
Sales Technics 18 2
Inforamtion Technology 2 18 2
French language //Chinese Language 30 3
Electives (Students must choose one from the catalog) 18 2
 Project Management (International Days) 6 2



Core courses Hours ECTS
European Union, Economic & Legal Environment 32 3
International Marketing 32 3
Business Law 32 3
The Social Impact of Globalization and Innovation 32 3
Building Digital Competences 32 3
Ethical Dimensions of International Business 32 3
Communication 360 32 3
French language // Chinese Language 30 3
PEPs (Personal and Career Development) 8 1
Project Management (International Days) 10 2
SoliCity ( 2 months) 150 3



Core Courses Hours ECTS
Big data & Business Analysis 18 2
Strategic Diagnosis 12 1
Marketing Strategy 18 2
Strategic Sales Planning 18 2
Building Customer Relations 18 2
Business Game 14 1
International Business Negotiation 18 2
Communication & Digital Marketing 18 2
Omni Channel Distribution Strategy 18 2
Doing Business Abroad – Workshop 19 2
Doing Business Abroad – Conferences 8
Entrepreneurship & Business model 36 4
Ethics & Social Reponsabilities 18 2
CSR 18 2
Responsible Native 35 2
PEP’s 16 1
Internship 3 5
Research Techniques 28 2
Dissertation 2 5
Financial Analysis 18 2
Leadership & Team Management 18 2
Cross Cultural Management 18 2
Contract Law 18 2
Risk Management 14 1
French or Chinese Language (2 semesters) 60 6
Class elective semester 1 18 2
Effective PR Campaigns / International trade techniques
Class elective semester 2 18 2
Website design / International Distribution & Operations management
Orientation 2
Promotion meetings 4
IT Meeting 2
Internship presentation 2



Specialization year

The candidate must:

  • currently be finishing or have already completed their second year of a bachelor degree (equivalent to 120 ECTS)
  • have at least a B2 level of English: 550 (TOEFL), 5.5 (IELTS) , 785 (TOIEC) or 60-74 (EasySPEAKing) exam


After receiving the application, including supporting documents, the admissions board will review the complete file. Eligible candidates will then be invited for a personal interview by Skype or Teams.

After the interview, the final admission results will be communicated by email.


Applications are evaluated as follows:

Admission Weighting
Application form 10
Interview 10


Year 1

Students can join in 1st year and follow two-years within English Track. Once they validated 120 ECTS credits, they can enter the Global Business Development specialization.

The candidate must:

  • hold a recognized high school diploma or end of secondary school certificate (Baccalaureate, A levels…)
  • be in good academic standing
  • have at least a B2 level of English: 550 (TOEFL), 5.5 (IELTS), 785 (TOIEC) or 60-74 (EasySPEAKing) exam



Documents required:

  • A copy of the student’s passport
  • Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Cover letter in English
  • Official copies of secondary education transcripts in English or French
  • Official copies of high school diploma or end of secondary school certificate
  • Official English test results (TOEIC, BULATS, TOEFL, IELTS, CAMBRIDGE, EasySPEAKing*) except for native English speakers (English as mother tongue) or candidates who have studied at least two years in a program taught in English (the candidate will have to provide supporting documents)
  • Optional: one recommendation letter from a professor or business professional
  • Application fee: 50 euros (non-refundable)


*Easy Speaking: realize this official English exam with ESDES. If you wish to pass this test, (50€ fees), please inform us in your application form.



Documents required:

  • Official university transcripts, indicating grades and the number of credits achieved
  • One recommendation letter from a professor. (Please ensure that all recommendation letters are printed on letter headed paper, and are signed and dated)
  • One recommendation letter from a business professional. (Please ensure that all recommendation letters are printed on letter headed paper, and are signed and dated)



  • Official university transcripts, indicating grades and the number of credits achieved
  • One recommendation letter from a professor. (Please ensure that all recommendation letters are printed on letter headed paper, and are signed and dated)
  • One recommendation letter from a business professional. (Please ensure that all recommendation letters are printed on letter headed paper, and are signed and dated)


Fees per year* : See rates.

Early bird: international students from outside the EU, applicants for the 2023 start of the school year – annual preferential rate of 10% applicable subject to receipt of the completed registration file and registration fees paid before February 28

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Benefits of this course

Ideal for students who want to study business in France and wish to follow a program taught in English

A balanced mix of academic and professional learning experiences

A focus on an industry sector of your choice

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