Metaverse and the Law

A conference was held in Lyon at Lyon Catholic University on 21 and 22 April 2023 on the topic of Metaverse and the Law. This conference was the work’s result of two law searchers: Larry DiMatteo & Michel Cannarsa (Dean and Director of the UCLy Faculty of Law).

Metaverse, a technology of growing importance and interest, is described as “an immersive and constant virtual 3D world where people interact by means of an avatar to carry out a wide range of activities. Such activities can range from leisure and gaming to professional and commercial interactions, financial transactions or even health interventions such as surgery.”[1] Similarly to other emerging technologies, Metaverse technologies raise new legal issues, and risks. Considering however its horizontal nature, as well as its use of many other disruptive technologies (virtual reality and augmented reality, blockchains and smart contracts, NFTs, AI, etc.), it has the potential of impacting every single legal area. Considering that Metaverse is at a rather primitive stage of development, framing the legal analysis of the many challenges which it will raise is of upmost importance.

Authors was invited to write contributions that will constitute chapters of a book. The said contributions was presented during the conference.


Replay des deux journées