Histochemical and Cytochemical Methods of Visualization


Abstract - Résumé

Histochemistry and cytochemistry are important fields for studying the inner workings of cells and tissues of the body. While visualization techniques have been in use for many years, new methods of detection developed recently help researchers and practitioners better understand cell activity. Histochemical and Cytochemical Methods of Visualization describes the essential techniques that can be used for histochemical investigations in both light and transmission electron microscopy.

The book begins by discussing techniques in light microscopy. It reviews classical methods of visualization, histochemical and histoenzymatic methods, and methods used to visualize cell proliferation and apoptosis. Next, the book examines the cytochemical methods used in electron microscopy with traditional techniques, as well as more specialized methods. The final section provides an overview of image analysis and describes how image processing methods can be used to extract vital information. A 16-page insert supplies color illustrations to enhance the text.

Techniques will continue to adapt to the latest technological innovations, allowing more and more precise quantification of images. These developments are essential to the biological as well as the medical sciences. This manual is a critical resource for novice and experienced researchers, technicians, and students who need to visualize what happens in the cell, the molecules expressed, the main enzymatic activities, and the repercussions of the molecular activities upon the structure of the cells in the body.

Table of Contents - Table des matières

Histological and Histochemical Methods with Light Microscopy
Classical Methods of Visualization; Jean-Marie Exbrayat
Histochemical Methods; Jean-Marie Exbraya
Enzyme Histochemistry Methods; Jeanne Estabel
Visualization of Cell Proliferation; Françoise Giroud and Marie-Paule Montmasson
Visualization of Apoptosis; Claire Brun and Elara Moudilou
In Situ High-Speed Tissue Proteomic; Françoise Giroud and Marie-Paule Montmasson
Preparation of Products for Histology and Histochemistry; Jean-Marie Exbrayat

Cytological Methods in Electron Microscopy
General Techniques in Electron Microscopy; Jean-Marie Exbrayat
Cytochemical Techniques; Jean-Marie Exbrayat
Ultrastructural Cytoenzymology; Chantal de Chastellier
The Acetylation Method; Marc Thiry and Nicolas Thelen
Preparation of Products for Electron Microscopy; Jean-Marie Exbrayat

Image Quantification
Image Quantification in Histology and Cytology; Yves Tourneur and Léon Espinosa


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Dates : Paru le 16 mai 2013

Auteur : Jean-Marie Exbrayat

Éditeur/Publisher : CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, London, New York. Collection: Methods in Visualization Series

Référence ISBN : 978-1-4398-2222-7