Genome Visualization By Classic Methods in Light Microscopy

Jean-Marie EXBRAYAT, 2001

Couverture livre genome visualizatoin


Genome Visualization By Classic Methods in Light Microscopy covers the classic techniques used to visualize nucleic acids with the use of light microscopy. The book discusses the chemical structure of nucleic acids, general principles of staining, nuclear dyes, and histochemical methods. In addition, the book addresses issues pertaining to frozen sections, smears, and quantitative analysis. Each chapter features the different methods of staining, along with the relevant principles and protocols.

To facilitate the presentation of the practical and theorical aspects, Genome Visualization By Classic Methods in Light Microscopy places them side by side in a convenient two-colum format. The author also takes advantage of thie format to provide valuable commentaries at each stage of the visualization process. The techniques described are general, and this feature renders the materials adaptable to all users of microscopic visualization of nucleic acids.


Presents information in a convenient two-column format

Starts each chapter with a concept, then breaks the concept down in a easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedure

Provides helpful hints at each step to help the user get through the procedures efficiently

Contains a color section with examples of observations

Includes a glossary containing definitions of uncommon terms

Informations complémentaires

Date : Paru le 1 janvier 2001

Référence ISBN : 0-8493-0043-6