Ecotoxicity of Chemicals to Amphibians

James DEVILLERS & Jean-Marie EXBRAYAT, 1992

couverture livre ecotoxicity


List of Chemicals
Ecotoxicological Data
Taxonomical Guide


Handbooks of Ecotoxicological Data is an invaluable serie of reference texts, providing up-to-date ecotoxicological information on a wide variety of organisms occupying different trophic levels in the environment.

Each volume in the series focuses on a particular taxon, presenting detailed and reliable ecotoxicological results from both laboratory and field experiments, performed for a comprehensive range of chemicals. A taxonomical guide to the species given, together with relevant biological and ecological information.

In recent times much attention has been focused on the effects of anthropogenic emissions of chemicals. This series is unique in providing a considered estimate of the potential impact of such chemicals on the environment.

Volume 1 in the series is concerned with the effects of chemicals on amphibians. A timely and comprehensive volume, it is essential reading for toxicologists, industrial hygienists, government regulators, consulting engineers and environmental scientists.

Date : Paru le 1 janvier 1992

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ISBN : 2-88124-872-1

ISSN : 1061-6063