Resolution of International Disputes – Current Trends and Challenges

Joint workshop UCLy / Radboud University Nijmegen Law Schools

le vendredi 17 janvier 2020 à 14h00

Lieu de l'événement

Campus St-Paul - 10 place des Archives - 69002 Lyon


The joint workshop will bring together scholars and practitioners from Radboud University Nijmegen and the Catholic University of Lyon who will discuss various issues in relation to the resolution of international disputes, including international disputes between states, investor-state disputes and international commercial disputes. Academics, practitioners and students are welcome to attend the workshop and participate in the discussions.

First session - International Disputes and Invest-State Arbitration (14:00-15:50)

Greetings and opening remarks: Michel Cannarsa, Dean of Law

  • Ruud Hermans: Resolution of cross-border mass damage disputes
  • Daan Barbiers: Resolution of international disputes under the EU Directive on representative actions
  • Nathalie Potin: The Multilateral Investment Court proposal in the context of ISDS reform
  • André Janssen: The world of investment arbitration after the Achmea-decision 

Coffee break (15:50-16:10)

Second session: International Dispute and Commercial Arbitration (16:10-18:00)

  • Noam Zamir:  The Monetary Gold Principle and its application to international arbitration
  • Carmen Schleijpen: Civil liability of arbitrators: finding the right balance
  • Pietro Ortolani: Enforcing arbitration awards: Beyond Art. II of the New York Convention
  • Christoph Martin Radtke (Lawyer & Arbitrator/Mediator, Partner, Fiducial Legal by Lamy): "Mediation and arbitration in international commercial disputes in Europe. The perspective of a French practitioner"

Closing remarks: Louis-Daniel Muka Tshibende, Vice Dean International