Trade in Goods & Trade in Services (20h)

This module will cover two aspects: Trade in Goods and Trade in Services.

Trade in Goods Module

This module will deal with WTO Rules for Trade in Goods. This module will provide a history of, and introduction to, the GATT/WTO and a presentation of the main functions of the WTO together with the main players and operation of the WTO. The students will discover the legal nature of the WTO, the Most Favoured Nation and National treatment clauses.

The module will also consider tariffs, quotas and tariff rate quotas and WTO rules relating to tariffs. Students will then discover the transparency in the WTO and the rules of origin. The module will then deal with TRIMS Agreement and the Trade Facilitation Agreement.’

Trade in Services Module objectives

Understand how services are related to other trade areas (e.g. goods), their role in global trade as well as the existing and, particularly, the legal framework applicable to their trade.

Module content

Study of the latest trends in international trade in services, analysis and study of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) together with GATS schedules of commitments and GATS provisions and their implications for financial services and telecommunications services as well as e-commerce. Students will study GATS Dispute settlement and jurisprudence and how WTO services negotiations work