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Bachelor Global Business Development

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Niveau de recrutement
Bac, Bac + 1, Bac + 2, Bac + 3
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The Global Business Development Bachelor is designed for both degree seeking students who wish to study with us for three years and exchange students who have the possibility of studying at the Catholic University of Lyon for one or two semesters with the aim of transferring credits back to their own university.


The Global Business Development Bachelor allows all students who plan a career in international business to study in a multi-cultural environment as we currently have students from around 35 different nationalities studying with us. We aim to generate cultural awareness and broaden students' minds through learning from peers and our professors who come from an array of different cultural and educational backgrounds.


Niveau de recrutement : Bac, Bac + 1, Bac + 2, Bac + 3

Conditions d'admission


Have at least a B2 level of English:
  • 6.0 IELTS
  • 80 TOEFL internet based
  • 550 TOEFL papers
  • 670 TOEIC
Year 1 Year 3
High School Diploma or equivalent (international baccalaureate, GCSEs...) Direct entry in year three is possible if the applicant has validated two years undergraduate studies equivalent to 120 ECTS



Degree seekers

Diploma of ESDES School of Management, validated by Catholic University of Lyon.


The Bachelor in Global Business Development is a 3-year degree which aims to:
  1. provide graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to make an effective contribution to an organisation as middle managers;
  2. develop students’ critical appreciation of the role of managers in a global context;
  3. prepare students in their future professional development;
  4. equip students with the analytical and evaluative skills with degree level in higher education:
  5. develop students intellectual ability, their understanding, their judgement, problem solving skills with an ability to communicate to a broad public;
  6. enhance their appreciation of cultural differences at every level.


Exchange students and free movers

The Global Business Development Bachelor offers students the possibility to study for one or two semesters at ESDES and transfer their credits back to their own university. We currently have around 130 partner universities from around the world and the majority of the students in the IBP programme come from these institutions, but we do accept motivated students from other universities as well.

Classes are offered primarily in business in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Law and Strategy. Classes are available at both Bachelor's and Master's levels. Additional courses are offered in non-business areas such as the European Union, France in the 21st century...

The language of instruction is in English, although students have the option of taking some business classes in French every semester if their French is good enough. Students are strongly encouraged to take a French Language class, although it is not mandatory. There are classes in French for students at every level, including students who have never had French before or students who are already bilingual.

Année post-bac de sortie
Bac + 3