Resolution of international disputes - Current trends and challenges

le vendredi 17 janvier 2020 à 14h00

Lieu de l'événement

Campus St Paul - 10 place des archives - 69002 Lyon


Delphine Vinegla

04 72 32 58 99

First session - International Disputes and Invest-State Arbitration (14:00-15:50)

Greetings and opening remarks: Michel Cannarsa, Dean of Law

  • Ruud Hermans: Resolution of cross-border mass damage disputes
  • Daan Barbiers: Resolution of international disputes under the EU Directive on representative actions
  • Nathalie Potin: The Multilateral Investment Court proposal in the context of ISDS reform
  • André Janssen: The world of investment arbitration after the Achmea-decision

Coffee break (15:50-16:10)

Second session: International Dispute and Commercial Arbitration (16:10-18:00)

  • Noam Zamir:  The Monetary Gold Principle and its application to international arbitration
  • Carmen Schleijpen: Civil liability of arbitrators: finding the right balance
  • Pietro Ortolani: Enforcing arbitration agreements: Beyond Art. II of the New York Convention
  • Christoph Martin Radtke (Lawyer & Arbitrator/Mediator, Partner, Fiducial Legal by Lamy): "Mediation and arbitration in international commercial disputes in Europe. The perspective of a French practitioner"

Closing remarks: Louis-Daniel Muka Tshibende, Vice Dean International