Workshop : Acting in english

Enseignante: Lisa PERELMUTER

The purpose of this « acting in english » workshop is to increase your confidence in spoken english through the art of theater.

ACTING IN ENGLISH is an acting class for english speakers or people wishing to develop their english speaking skills through the rigorous and joyful work of the theater actor.

Goal of the class :
Create an environment of confidence and trust in which each person finds the space to explore, search, make mistakes, dare, and ultimately, find him/herself.

Course schedule:
Warm up :
exercices in awareness of self, body and voice. Techniques used: Ai ki do, suzuki, yoga, meditation and guided relaxation. Exercises in listening, in confidence and in connection to others. Group-chorus work with chorus leader. Work on personal presence both alone and in relationship to the group. A few of the collective games used to stimulate the group dynamic: Ball & Word game: Catch the ball, name one letter and create an english word rythmically, as a group, Hip hep hop, Zip zap bang…

Improvisation Exercises: Basic premises of theater : understanding the sacred aspect of the stage. Discovering the audience and what it represents. Becoming aware of the frontier between fiction and reality, so as to be able to use each one consciously onstage. Speaking exercises in front of the group. Example of a duo exercise: Telling an extraordinary fact/tale, recounting a terrible memory, then switching, and recounting the other person’s story as if it were your own

Working on the written word, with chosen authors. Working Shakespearian Iambic Pentameter. Working on collective scenes or duos. Working the word, thematically in specific areas : relationship to the audience, movement in space, directing and structure, connection to the other, receiving and responding through reaction. References: Shakespeare, Dennis Kelly, Edward Bond, Harold Pinter, Beckett, Sarah Kane…

Durée: 20 heures

Informations complémentaires

Année 2023 / 2024 : le module peut être choisi au semestre 1 et/ou au semestre 2
Lundi de 18h à 20h

Semestre 1 premier cours : lundi 18 septembre 2023

Semestre 2 premier cours : lundi 22 janvier 2024


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