Environmental challenges: climate

Karen Johnstone

We will use group activities, games and role-plays to explore the causes, mechanisms and consequences of climate change


This course aims to use group activities, games, and role-plays to equip you with concepts to understand climate and environmental systems, and our interaction with them.  First, we will use games and case studies to explore the complexity of environmental systems. We will then look at the causes, mechanisms and consequences of climate change, and play a workshop called “The Climate Collage’”. Finally, we will explore actions and scenarios to mitigate climate change, and test our favorite group scenarios with a global carbon emissions simulator.

Use interactive learning (group activities, games, case studies) to equip students with a clearer vision of climate change and environmental systems:

  • Understand the causes, mechanisms and consequences of climate change
  • Explore actions and develop scenarios to mitigate climate change
  • Discover concepts to help understand environmental systems, their complex nature and how we interact with them.

Pré requis éventuels / Pre-requisites (language, knowledge) Sufficient level to interact in English during the sessions

Information complémentaires

Année 2023 / 2024 Semestre 1
Mardi de 18h à 20h

Premier cours le mardi 19 septembre 2023


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