Environmental challenges : biodiversity

Karen Johnstone

We will use games and group activities to explore the causes, mechanisms and consequences of current biodiversity loss and mass extinction of species

Descriptif du cours / summary of course:

This course aims to use games, group workshops, and case studies to equip you with an overview of ecosystem dynamics and the current rapid loss of biodiversity. Firstly, we will play a game exploring uses of natural resources and use case studies to better understand some key concepts. We will then look at the causes, mechanisms and consequences of biodiversity loss, and play a workshop called “The Biodiversity Collage”. Finally we will explore actions and develop ideas to mitigate biodiversity, such as re-wilding and ecological corridors.

Objectifs du cours / courseobjectives:

Use interactive learning (group activities, games, case studies) to equip students with a clearer vision of the current rapid loss of biodiversity, and the dynamics of natural resources:

  • Understand the causes, mechanisms and consequences of current biodiversity loss.
  • Explore actions and develop scenarios to mitigate biodiversity loss at a global or local scale
  • Explore some concepts useful for understanding biodiversity and ecosystems dynamics.
  • Discuss concepts such as resilience and over consumption.

Méthodes et outils pédagogiques / teaching methods:

Class sessions exploring concepts through interactive games, activities, debates and case studies

Group workshop « The Biodiversity Collage »

Fisher for a Day game

Independent and group research to prepare presentations to classmates

Pré requis éventuels / Pre-requisites (language, knowledge)

Sufficient level to interact in English during the sessions

Informations complémentaires

Année 2022 2023 Semestre 2
Mardi de 18h à 20h

Premier cours le mardi 24 janvier 2023

Département de formation humaine

04 72 32 51 56