World Trade Organizations (part of International Trade Law module)

Semestre Semestre 1
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To develop knowledge about the international trade organizations, especially the WTO framework, its bodies and functioning since 1995.


This course describes how the WTO works, as a legal subject.

A first part will be dedicated to an exhaustive description of the essential rules and principles contained in the different WTO agreements.
A thorough analysis of the case law jurisprudence concerning the GATT and the WTO special bodies will be made along with the analysis of the Appellate Body recently set within the WTO.
Even though this source of law (case law) cannot be viewed as a primary source of International Trade Law granting States rights and obligations, it is essential as to the interpretation of provisions mentioned in agreements.

A second part will focus on the description of how to deal with litigation thanks to the experience of the WTO special bodies and Appellate Body.
The political aspect within the WTO councils and committees will also be analyzed.
A third part will emphasize a few current problems in our society. They will highlight, among others, the way by which international trade rules influence political decisions pursuing non commercial objectives.

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Teachers : Peter Milthorp & David Christy