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The eighty eight (88) session lecture series will be a multi-disciplinary examination of audio-international politics and culture are portrayed through the visual, spatial, and philosophical medium of cinema. The class will discuss significant collections of independent, international, and silent films and its impact on today’s culture, society and politics.


LECTURE SERIES – Semester 1 - September to December 2019

Session 1: History of communication and Charlie Chaplin
Session 2: Introduction Plugged In: Social Media (2019)
Session 3: Toxicity of Social Media
Session 4: Brussels and European politics
Session 5: Snowden and whistle blowers
Session 6: Who is watching whom?
Session 7: Debate on Social Media
Session 8: Pathologies of Power – Paul Farmer I.
Session 9: Cultural rights through film
Session 10: Student presentation and Newspaper clippings
Session 11: Student presentation on topic of choice

Session 12: World War 11 discussion
Session 13: Hollywood, Politics and War through the medium of Film
Session 14: What does Human Rights mean in today’s world? Bribery and Corruption
Session 15: Documentaries of Truth
Session 16: Current newspaper clippings
Session 17: Debate: can Hollywood be our political lens?
Session 18: The Kennedy clan: Newspaper clippings.
Session 19: Ronald Regan, cinema and politics
Session 20: Student presentation - Culture and Society
Session 21: Oral examination: Student presentation on topic of choice
Session 22: Current affairs discussion

LECTURE SERIES – Semester 1I – January to April 2020

Session 1: India
Session 2: Military and War: The Secret History of ISIS
Session 3: Pearl Harbour and the similarities with 9/11
Session 4: September Clues
Session 5: Debate: do conspiracy theories exist?
Session 6: What the journalists say?
Session 7: Weinstein and feminist politics
Session 8: Missing women
Session 9: Antisemitism risings in Europe
Session 10: Debate Student presentation on topic of choice
Session 11: Current affairs discussion

Session 12: Islam – an Al Jazeera investigation
Session 13: Trump and the Trade War
Session 14: Newspaper clippings
Session 15: Debate on Climate change
Session 16: Global warming – another look
Session 17: To be or not to be Fake news?
Session 18: Students bring in newspaper clippings for discussion
Session 19: Media and the war you don’t see
Session 20: Behind the Big News
Session 21: Oral Exam: Student presentation on topic of choice
Session 22: Revision session


GIGLIO Ernest, Here’s Looking at You : Hollywood, Film and Politics, New York : Peter Lang, 2014 (4th edition)

NICHOLS Bill, Introduction to Documentary, Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 2010 (2nd edition)

Contrôles des connaissances

One final end of year examination with continuous assessments oral and written throughout the academic year.