What is Europe (History and Culture)


The goal is to give students the opportunity to practice their English, improve their knowledge of European culture and history, and exchange with other European or non-European students on what Europe and being European mean.


This course is part of the Erasmus European exchange program and aims at supporting students in their reflection on what Europe is, and what it means to be European from a historical and cultural point of view: literature, film, architecture, language, music, etc.

During the first sessions, teacher and students will choose together the main themes of the course for which the students will prepare oral presentations, and provide written versions that will be put online by the teacher on a dedicated website. English will be the main language and a special emphasis will be given to discussions between the students. A variety of materials (written, audio, visual…) will be used so as to address emotional intelligence and sensibility along with the ability to listen to others, understand and discuss arguments.


Assessment will take into account oral presentations accompanied by their written supports, the participation of students during the discussions, and a final written exam.