Marion Garnier

Associate Professor

Campus Lyon - Saint Paul
10 Place des archives 69002 Lyon


  • Member of Biosciences, technologies, ethics research team Lyon Catholic University
  • Lyon Catholic University

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Research areas

Biochemistry Microbiology

Teaching areas

Biology Biochemistry
  • Articles
    • Articles in peer-reviewed journals
      • Garnier, Marion, Wozny, Anne-Sophie, Battiston-Montagne, Priscillia, Ardail, Dominique, Alphonse, Gersende, Rodriguez-Lafrasse, Claire. Isolation and Characterization of a Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Subpopulation Having Stem Cell Characteristics [online]. Journal of Visualized Experiments , 2016, pp. e53958. 10.3791/53958  [+]
      • Garnier, Marion, Malesys, Céline, Armandy, Emma, Manas, Patrick, Guy, Jean-Baptiste, Magné, Nicolas, Rodriguez-Lafrasse, Claire, Ardail, Dominique. Preferential targeting of cancer stem cells in the radiosensitizing effect of ABT-737 on HNSCC. Oncotarget, 2016, no. 7, pp. 16731-16744. 10.18632/oncotarget.7744  [+]
  • Scientific collaborations
    • Participation in other research projects
      • 2020 - 2024, Project coordinator : Recovery of industrial by-products through biotechnological solutions, Val-Indus, led by Lyon Catholic University
  • Academic background
    • 2015 , Inhibition des protéines anti-apoptotiques de la famille Bcl-2 par l'ABT-737 : intérêt pour le traitement des cancers des voies aérodigestives supérieures, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France
    • 2012 , Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France
  • Educational responsibilities and professional experiences
    • Since 2019 , Lyon Catholic University, France