Trade in Services

Total number of hours 20
Number of hours for lectures 20


Understand how services are related to other trade areas (e.g. goods), their role in global trade as well as the existing and, particularly, the forthcoming legal framework applicable to their trade.


Level : Post Graduate
Submitted to prior assessment of the student’s background

Study of the inclusion of services in the WTO rounds of trade negotiations and of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). The future opportunities in this area, especially taking into account the content of some regional trade agreements, will be an important part of the course as well as the negotiations about an updating of the GATS. From the EU perspective, the role or EU companies will be assessed, especially in the light of the foreign investment from the EU to other parts of the world. A particular focus will be put on the specific legal issues relating to the trade in services, especially the need of legal security. Also, the growth potential linked with the trade liberalization and the removal of barriers to the global trade in services will be discussed.


Semestre 1